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battlefield 1918 and the upcoming 2018 tournament

Готовится турнир 2018 года BF1918
В данный момент идет подготовка к турниру
все желающим попробовать свои силы в онлайн баталиях с хорошим противником
нужно зайти на сайт (https://cmp-gaming.com) зарегистрироваться и оставить свое сообщения в теме "тем самым показать организаторам что вы вообще есть"!
(https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1367-playe ... ment-12254)
так что заходи регистрируемся пишем комет!!!!
давайте по воюем ; )

Preparing for the tournament in 2018 BF1918
Currently preparing for the tournament
Everyone who wants to try his hand in online battles with a good opponent
you need to go to the site (https://cmp-gaming.com) to register and leave your messages in the subject ", thus to show the organizers that you are ready to fight
(https://cmp-gaming.com/topic/1367-playe ... ment-12254)
so go in, register to write a comet!
let's fight ; )

АЙ ДО НОТ АНДЕСТЕД Ю !!!!!!!учи Русский солнышко wink <<<<I do not understand English
and in chat I am not because I (ass) is on than sit and because hands are busy letters small and yes the message has disappeared


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Re: battlefield 1918 and the upcoming 2018 tournament

I will up this post a bit, with more explications
So I'm Druidix, and i'm in charge of this campaign. I played tournaments on bf42 mods in the time of Forgotten Honor (which some of you know i suppose). When FHT closed, i was a bit sad cause it meaned that there would have no more tournaments on bf42 mods, whereas it was good moments.
So, with some others from fht, we decided to make new campaign.
Our first one will be on bf18, during the 1914 summer.
For those who don't know campaigns, this is a sort of small "tournament". Each week, 2 teams play against each other on one map. We play around 10 maps per campaign, and at the end the team which has won the most battles win the campaign. Teams are divided in 2 regiments, with one officer, and there is one HQ per team which give orders.
The main goal is to have fun, so don't see this as constraints.

So if you are intrested, you can join cmp-gaming.com and make a small post in the bf42 subforum, as Halcor said.
If you are intrested to help us in the organisation, send me a small pm on discord (search Druidix here: ttps://discord.gg/RZqQP8e) or on cmp

Hope to see you on the battlefield


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