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spotted both Graftar and cpt_mira doing really annoying sabotage

Both players were sabotage the server on several different occasions.

I have video (recorded with phone) to prove it but i just make a simple report atm since im crazy busy.

Today, jul 23 at 17:45 on aX server with the Ohama Beach map
https://www.gametracker.com/player/cpt_ … .sk:14567/
Cpt_MiRA today bazooka APC several times on map OHAMA BEACH and every time we finally get the apc up there. Several people really upset and angry (see chat history for this forum time/date stamp) since they still crying... obviously.

AND the other guy:

Last night, jul 22 at 23:21 on aX server with the El Alamein map
https://www.gametracker.com/player/Graf … .sk:14567/
Graftar i spotted now for the second time (and recorded) on the El Alamein map. He uses a glitch to make ALLIED airfield being unable to take off their planes. I will not explain or post the videos here as it might bring other freaks on ideas. But anyhow it was very annoying and MANY people complain about it. Most have no clue whats going on. SAD

Anyways on the videos it clearly shows him doing this several times (more than a dozen) trying to fly exactly to that "sweet spot" which isnt sweet anymore after he been there.

Again this is not a mistake... he repeat this over and over again. Swaps back team to get job overdone so he can fly without enemies in the air. I have seen him do this week ago as well.... last night i was able to film it. His nick is graftar but it has some spaces in it too.

Very sad and annoying to sabotage such a nice game.. ....

P.s. yes i know this is all [aX] server just to heads-up to Simple team, keep an eye out for these frustrated players... dont let them ruin the fun of a GG!

bb & take care

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