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Team stacking Sapeur

i was in FRA server the other day. i was on red with ONE more active player and TWO afk players. There were SEVEN active players on blue. Including Sapeur. When there were only 6 vs 2 i voiced my displeasure with the uneven teams. Sapeur sat on the hill in a tank shooting at anything that came near NOT giving ANY warnings for the team stacking. When the SEVENTH player joined blue i told them all the tk would start if they didn't grow a set of balls. So i tkd Sapeur first. Then he banned me for a week.

So i guees it's ok for admins to CHEAT. And you wonder why people hate the admins here. One step from Gestapo Moongamer admins. Get a grip on this idiot Sapeur. If admins dont follow the rules why the f would you think everybody else will? What are you? Stupid?

Last time idiot Sapeur banned me he tkd me WITH NO APOLOGY so i tkd him back and he banned me. This guy is an idiot. Breaks ALL the rules.

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Re: Team stacking Sapeur

Let me get this right you TKed an admin in a premeditated act of retribution and then got banned for a week and you are now here reporting admin abuse?
You are also suggesting that is ok for admins to, as you call it, cheat!

Well done you have managed to insult the integrity of every admin on this server and I wish the very best of luck with your abuse report.


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Anna Nym
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Re: Team stacking Sapeur

it was me  who gave u this 1 week rest .

1. i never tk you, i wasn#t in your team

2. you are complaining and insulting the whole time,not far away from beeing kicked for bad language

3. it was IwoJima and when  allies capture all flags some of axies  joined allies = teamstacking but it was the end so.  makes no sense to warn.

4. but you changed team and start teamkilling,   unfortunally an admin !

5. at last,  you are a real unpleasant player, especially when u think there is no admin on.
   change your behave otherweise i look forward meet you again.

greez  Anna

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