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Re: git a grip gio

janet reno (TX) wrote:
Hydra{SRB} wrote:

You said to Gio that he banned him because that guy owned Gio.


I read the logs Tookie posted and it is difficult to come to any other conclusion. This is not about admin activities. This is about personality conflicts. If an admin does not have the temperament to ignore and suppress their dislike for a player then they should not be an admin.

That is what Tookie pointed out.

Noooo you read just part of it.

<send nudes>


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Re: git a grip gio

Dont you know what spam is? Didnt you see I banned him for one day for SPAM? Dont you really have anything better to do? You talk about "no life" but you still troll this forum for a week .
Guy that got banned didnt say a word here, doesnt that say anything to you?
Please someone lock this pointless post

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