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Suggesting better rotation among different game modes.

I have said Simple has the best rotation and variety of any server (ax has same map rotation missing several of them since the beginning of their server lol).

I don't know exactly how often the map rotation actually changes, but it is very often on Simple. I suggest adding different game modes more often.

I love that CTF maps are played, but usually they are the same maps; Guadalcanal, Gazal and El Alamein.. I suggest playing all of them from time to time. The same with TDM, which tthe most played seems to be Berlin TDM..and yes, even El Alamein CQ!

I also suggest admins on RTR & SW use !nobots more often, especially when there are 20+ humans. I believe they should also randomize the rotation more with CTF, OBJ and TDM..

but overall still the best server, and will continue to be as you serve the best variety! Thank you Simple!


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