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BF1942: Secret Weapons Files

On this thread you will find all the files (mostly maps) that are used on the SiMPLE | RTR/SW Tournaments server. These will be updated on a regular basis.

All the map files available for download come in ZIP format. The map files are available in two formats: the Client version and the Server version (only for server hosts). All the ZIPs come with a README that explains how to install both versions of the maps and how to uninstall them.

Infantry Maps

if_hellendoorn (Client + Server)

Traptown (Client + Server)

Dogfight Maps

Flettner Arena (Client + Server)

Tank Maps

Super Arena (Client + Server)

If a forum moderator could make this thread a sticky it would be awesome!

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Re: BF1942: Secret Weapons Files


Was funny yesterday...



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