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Map Vote (Yes or No poll)

Should Map Vote be disabled on Simple FRA?

I am in favor of disabling once the server has 16 + players. Underneath, it is okay to have. You have the best map rotation and variety in the game, so having map vote with many players is quite useless.

Should map vote be disabled?

  1. Yes
  2. No
Total votes: 12

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Re: Map Vote (Yes or No poll)

Bots should be disabled !


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Re: Map Vote (Yes or No poll)

Good question man!

Also i vote DISABLE map vote. Because the many vote requests during a game are super annoying especially when u play at low resolution. Several times i failed to get a flag or important mission due to stupid vote come up.

On the other hand i so super much like the fact that the SiMPLE team has a map vote in the server because sometimes we all just want the other map and no admin around to "serve" (read: help) us.

This is a hard call... i vote NO.

I am thinking.... maybe "we" should change map rotation every month or so? Add or remove some maps. I would sure remove maps that clearly are not so popular. I tend to try to keep things simple. Not more players, weapons and maps going to make it any more fun!! Actually u have to be super careful with these things because a month or two bad server settings can completely kill the server (in case of SiMPLE team i am not so afraid of that).

Oh fuck (pardon my french) i just realized i vote the wrong vote hahahaha... i clicked NO but i mean YES disable map vote.

Hahahaha what a poll....

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