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LAMBERT - wallhack

I was playing today, about 2 p.m. at Iwo Jima map. I am sure that player #Lambert is a cheater, he uses wallhack , i dont know. He was flying F4U Corsair and he knew very well my respown position . Even i respowned several times at the random bunker (inside!!),  he bombed it. He attacked from very high altitiude at the right point. I checked it several times, i respowned inside the bunker or house, I stayed inside (he couldnt know  my respown postion) he immediately attacked my position and got a killed. The same at the next map - Bocage, i was hidden in the attic or in the windmill, away from windows to check that he couldnt see me through windows. - of course he knew my postion and bombed me. It is impossible that every times he knew my position.  He insisted on me, still  killing me in houses etc. He attacked me the same way at Gazala at the airfield... When I reported it to admin, he started offending me.


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