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Admin Abuse and the connection of foul play.

At 24:01 GMT on the Simple Tanks a Lot Aberdeen server I was banned by an Admin using the alias "Spoon". The command to ban me was issued as disruptive gameplay. It was the beginning of a round. I was the only Axis player. "Spoon" was one of three Allied players one of whom was player X-Tuga who I hope will back me up on this as he was present and saw it. The other allied player I know to be honest uses the name "al". I was spawned, and 1 minute from base when I was banned. A completely invalid ban. A malicious ban by a cloaked Admin. This is the second time in as many days that a cloaked Admin has abused their powers to punish me without a valid reason. Other players are starting to notice a connection between known cheats and certain (at the moment) unnamed Admins that is collusion for the purpose of pecuniary advantage.


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