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Pray for Jime1

Jime1 from our community is not well
Jime1 Isn't active since 4 days.
After that i asked him than he says that his head getting burst.
He is admited at 27 july at hospital and since he is not well. Some aerious issue with jime1.

Also he is being depressed after he drop out his engineering because of his health.
And now he is too negative right now.
I chat with him and he always told me
"i will play to my last breath"
or something like that.
He chats to negative and he talk like that he is going to die or what i dunno.
But as a freind or clan leader it's my duty to help him
This post is not for getting attention or being an attention whore.
I post because i want to show jime1 that there are lots of people around the world want you good or being positive 4 ever.
P.S:- it is not a troll


  1. Get well soon brother we are family(votes 4 [80%])


  2. I don't care. I am not a gay at all.(votes 1 [20%])


Total votes: 5

Guests can't vote

Phones are better than girlfriends, At least we can switch off.
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Re: Pray for Jime1

get well Jime1


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