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Certain resolution not showing up

Hi all! Today I re-installed the origin version of BF1942, downloaded all the patches, but it seems my game is a bit slower for some reason. When I start up a map, it takes longer than it should to get to the loading screen. So then I went to set all my correct settings, and I noticed that some resolution options are now missing, unlike in my last origin version before I re-installed.

Basically, this is all that shows up 1920x1080x32. But in my last version, there were a few more options for the 1080 resolution, like:

1920x1080x32 @48
1920x1080x32 @59
1920x1080x32 @60

I remember when I had 1920x1080x32 @60, my game would run a lot faster. Anyone know how to get these resolutions back? Thanks!


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