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question about a rule

i noticed there is an anti-camp rule for tanks - why is it so? i only know to use them to provide direct fire support and to engage other tanks in an advantageous manner, and i got kind of confused when my team started shooting me neutral


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Re: question about a rule


It's allowed to attack any active target in the base. That means...

> When a tank or artillerie is shooting at you out from it's mainbase, then you can attack/destroy it. But it's not allowed to go inside the enemy mainbase.

> When a sniper is sniping from his mainbase, you can kill him.

> Any active AA in mainbase can be sniped, basebombed or attacked by tank or bombed by plane... but don't go inside enemys mainbase.


> Except in CTF. In Mapmode "Capture the flag", you can steal as example a tank in their mainbase and smash everything you want.


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