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expected response from two brainwashed clowns ^^ after what i wrote and you still dont understand then i only have pity and
please continue, believing in the lies. i know you zody (been butthurt since long time) will not be able to discuss, will no matter what
see himself right to prove me wrong, its all right champ, i dont even think u read half what i said, (my post can consider itself lucky though xD).
what i find pathetic is you saying i have problems (LOL ty) while you are the one who seems more likely having it, especially anger issues,
never too late to get help, just a tip. and yes agreed close the thread what a joke the thread has become.
this idiot is not even worth the dirt of my shoe

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Timmos wrote:

ok wtf is this? lol


i know timmos tongue btw nipper sorry dude, you done.

if the longest post in forum is this, i wont be amazed.

#5 Re: Off-Topic » Syria » 2012-10-28 19:31:56

LOL zody did you really believe my sources will be youtube videos, are you kidding me? xD and hi hook the book, third different opinion heeheh. not last post as i wanted but i go straight to business, LOOOONG AS HEEEELL AGAIN

zody, please tell me you're joking, right? I AM LOST FOR WORDS.. whatever you are drinking, send some of that to me smile because it doesnt make ANY SENSE. with your video interpreting skills u should apply for job in BBC because nearly all the descriptions are wrong. talk about being brainwashed you make a new definition of that. the jihadist terrorists (FSA) are experts in the dark arts of destabilization/false flag attacks. TBH in the start, they were very believeable to me too together with mass media, but after a quick while, i thought of a simple question: why will the army kill its own people? do ppl want fake "american democracy"? i dont think so.

then research and BOOM: its all bullshit created by zio-perialistic animals who wants to overthrew their enemy. syria - fully independent, secular, anti-imperialist, anti-israel, strong army will be hard to get, what do we do? send terrorists who we will arm (use arab spring as cover too), finance, support & listen to our commands, push the manipulating media on. this is all part of dirty game, even jihadists(now even from yemen/chechnya) are being sent into the turkish border, these are not syrians wanting freedom, but paid killers who will do anything for their masters. its not hard to make fake syrian ID for example as one of my videos told.

it doesnt take much either to send a couple of idiots, shoot everything and then blame somebody else, anyone can play this game. and claiming every dead soldier/civilian shot by the army is a joke, they are also very talented when it comes to youtube. majority of ppl are behind Assad out from 23 mil population and that can easily be shown. i dont want to repeat myself but how simple can it be said? with the nobel prize going to EU, this world is slowly getting more fucked up ...

i had no idea u were going journalistic on videos because these are not sources LOL. u could have asked me to put a reliable list, saving my time in process.  

1) what do his location have to do with anything? do u believe all pro-assad are syrian fundamentalist? the guy found fake massacre video, showed lies of *the activist* danny abdul dayem (all confirmed) experts on RT talking about the issue are trustyworthy, only problem is they aint pro opposition smile the only thing that is fake is the first part and it did not happen in holmes, agreed it is bullshit.

2) so his opinion what he uploads in youtube make it false even though the lie is shown correct? LOL

3) same as above. yes i agree he should have uploaded the whole interview (with possible counterpart)  but taking one important bit of 20 min various interviews + coverage is what everyones is doing, let it be music, film etc. if this was FSA sided, u could bet skynews will had it one, look at the way BBC removed the prisoner suicide bomb video and ask yourself this. why will the nun give false statement? do you think syrian soldiers will assemble dead bodies to UN observers, thereby shooting themselves at foot? what kind of stupid thing is that? all these massacres and killings of innocent civillians have happen when FSA rats were using army clothes, weapons and transport to paint a black image on the armed forces/Assad and it unfortuntely WORKED.. those masterminds behind them are clearly intelligent. in the end where the reporter ask if she is lying, that looked like a honest answer, for you: staged, well i should start posting sources now, shouldnt i tongue and think for 1 minute, who will exterminate them, assad or FSA? what lying reasons does she have?

4) here comes agan propaganda talk, you obviously havent seen FSA's. yes the crying is happiness tears, the misinformation spread by al jazeera and co are all correct and the syrian youth english channel (created because of constant lies, situated inside syria) are always false. unlike ur favorite big western news who report from OUTSIDE countries and uses a FSA terrorist as a guide. yes they are always right *sigh* no comment from me...

5) shows the kind of ppl working there. BBC executives protecting a pedophilie scumbag in many YEARS so his image wont get tainted, what other secrets are there? you properly know that BBC used a old iraq photo to show off houla massacre. before you go viable mod on website, this (confirmed) shit are all over the net, so ouchsies. there are countless lies of BBC (only few news are true) and i be happy to post em but i dont got all day especially to someone who acts like everything is bullshit.

and to those two syrian guys, imagine the situation where ur own homecountry gettin bombarbed from all sides and u see this mediawhore, fishing up a fairy tale. my reaction would certainly not be nice, while the 2 almost leaved, they carried on and explained (even the guy with terrible english). you already deluded yourself to think whenever someone says something positive about their president, they are immediately slaves, will be tortured 24/7 and killed, see thats brainwashed mind of a person, the media is feeding. the gestapo army must be very busy nowadays, right? FUNNY cause all of them are on the front fighting to protect their country from terrorism/international aggression. if the country had the so-called mass defections, do you think the army heads, civilians, leading ppl in syria would let assad in power?

laws you are speaking of made me laugh, i could make much longer post about western double standards/media dogs tricks, but i will give a example, recently i saw on tv about syrian army breaking ceasefire, showing freedom fighters *LOL* defending themselves and 1 FSA terrorist showing of casualties (good way to create shock for audience), what really happend was opposite, no mention of the real "deaths" there big_smile so spare me of crap, freedom of press is a wonderful thing but dont misuse it just like in libya, iraq, serbia etc, jewish controlled media are to blame for this. again. those are another subjects i wont go into afterall my post is gettin LARGER. i see both of ur opinions are going nowhere, will be waste of our times rly to continue. i rather fix my broken game, syria will never fall, thats all i have to say.

#6 Re: Technical Help » unable to connect multiplayer » 2012-10-27 12:09:22

Finished, it is working and i see the folder where u can put cd key in, havent tried all yet.
i cannot join SiMPLE or other servers, my patchswitcher cant too, it says i have to update it
to 1.6, do i need a patch file or something else? the torrent game do have problems showing server brower though..

#7 Re: Technical Help » unable to connect multiplayer » 2012-10-27 01:22:16

Got it, my downloading is half way done, seems like forever with these torrents..

#8 Re: Technical Help » unable to connect multiplayer » 2012-10-26 21:18:19


today i tried to fix this problem but i did a very big mistake, my game got corrupted, black screen all over the place.
my bf1942 box have all the CD's apart from the first 1, so im quite screwed xD and yes i uninstalled the game completely.
what should i do now? order a new one or get torrent? is this game gone from the stores? kind of bad timing cause i really liked it ((

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WARNING - VERY LONG POST but mine last one, i think i destroyed nippers record btw LOL

Zody wrote:

what are you fucking talking about ? You are just a naive foul trying to convince us with your politcal propaganda.
But as you said it makes no sense to discuss. You are just one of those guys who believe in things like that George W. Bush destroyed the WTC towers by himself to start a war against iraq. But you should really start to read some viable news site and not that shit you posted.
Its funny that you call us delusional just funny. In the music thread you said something about us being ignorant, but now you are being ignorant by refusing to discuss that theme in a mature way.
Btw my posting style just comes from the reason that i dont want to be friends with everyone.
i´d like to discuss that theme with you but not in such a way you started now
close this thread please makes no sense to discuss with such a guy

P.s.: i´d say he is german just of that word "bitterful"

Relax, dont get worked up zody, take a long breath! let me refresh your memory, you are telling me im a foul, offending dead syrians and that im dumb for sayin my opinion. all right again, you can think whatever of me but dont act hypocritical, those west/american/arab heroes who are sponsoring those morons are responsible together with FSA, i wont go as far like you saying u also have blood in ur hands, thats plain wrong thing to say but as i said b4 im not suprised hearing that from you, tells me more about ur dreadful personality. i have not seen any argumentation from u apart from the usual "media is TRUE" comments and mocking me. with your view, you agree to the horrible aftermath that will happen in syria. still im not doing what u did..

i feel kind of bad writing that long cause u still dont get it big_smile and yes i do believe 9/11 was a inside job LOL, im guilty of that as well haahahaah. syrias demise will be good for the zionist cunts, new regional powers, better iran invasion and so on, most of the ppl reading this thread can check after much more. the zionist have always wanted a "greater israel", they have recently started breaking up arab countries, step by step taking over. assad did made the elections ready and has made it secular but because he opposes the imperialistic/middle east dogs interest, he is the most evil man in earth thanks to the news too. what do u think FSA will be bringing in the door? democracy? human rights? give me a break....

if you are following the news, i will like to add that ur friends violated the ceasefire agreement (which was truthful made by syrian goverment) in EID, godless FSA dont have any limits, they went straight to their dirty tricks as i expected. one of their bombs killed 5, wounded 32 ppl including school children today (sad one zody rly sad). u are doing peace with someone who stabs u from behind later? let me guess, it is syria's fault too? brillant...

one example i have found from a poster in another website:

"Terrorism in IRAK  ,Syria and Lebanon.. neither of those countries are friendly to US corporations. and in Saudi Arabia,Jordan ,Bahrain (all sharing borders with IRAK..) there is next to no terrorism. is this a  coincidence?  "Alqaeda" preffer to attack in middle east Enemies of US and NATO .how convenient for them. Imagine how devastating could be if ever alqaeda choose to attack the oil fields in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain and Kuwait for western and europe economy. But for some reason they consider more interesting democracy in Syria lol. and remove the leaders of Irak and lebanon too. US and Israel are so lucky that alqaeda is fighting them."

exactly, just like they were used against the soviets xD

you say u dont want to discuss with me that way i started? look at the way u jumped after me LOL, you talk about being mature u are not quite a good example, you call my sources shit, thank you very much. if anyone is naive it is you, continue being a brainwashed minion.

and for once, i agree with zody, close this thread, it has been waste of my time. last reply from me, only posted so those lies will be exposed.

RamYam wrote:

lybia and now syria - same thing happening. it is western media brain washing, at least mainstream western media. last example - town of Bani Walid in lybia, heavy massacre happening right now where lybian "milita" mostly from misrata with new lybian army is slaughtering civil population that was loyal to gadafi at time. has anyone of you seen that news in mainstream mass media? anyway, what can we do. tomorrow, maybe we will not fight on bf but on real battle ground protecting our close ones.

ramyam i have given up, dont waste your time here. b4 i go, truth here u have, afterall isnt this syria thread big_smile


EDIT: more videos about the fake civil war, sorry guys i cant resist tongue  watch or not its ur choice, but IMO this is bullshit.


and zody's BBC smile))  (apparently there is a pedophile scandale going on there, what a great channel it is)


#10 Re: Off-Topic » Syria » 2012-10-25 18:52:15

does it really matter where u come from when making a genuine opinion? xD im sure not from america!

nameless, did your parents forget to tell your bed time, get back inside, teach your slogan on yourself.

zody you are one of the most bitterful guy i have seen, i love to see how angry u seem when posting big_smile

opposing most of the things i say, i was not suprised to see ur comment but well aint you from the joke clan?

let the thread die before one of them gets a heartattack, cant debate with these two, keep being delusional!

that wash should be avaliable in their location though.

#11 Re: Technical Help » unable to connect multiplayer » 2012-10-25 14:41:06

tuia wrote:

Have you tried to connect directly to the server as explained here: http://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=166 posts #14 and #15?

I did try today and it crashed my PC yet again tongue  I havent seen this, so im defintely going to test tomorrow.

#RamYam - does not work with me too, i have home preminum...

#Last - yes i know, im slacking big time sad(

#12 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2012-10-25 14:30:53

Hey i wanted to close this topic here so dont blame me for bringing it up, but somehow it will big_smile  With all due respect, calling my posts for political propaganda and saying im offending every victim of civil war are ignorance at its finest. The western news coverage on Syria is biased, they report incorrectly and one sided, and you are falling for it. Most of these fantastic journalists are reporting on FSA's side, the ones in SAA dont get heard sadly.

Goverments put these ONE-SIDED news in order to make the population support their reckless decisions, tax dollar/euros going to the FSA terrorists, who are now inside the bodies of death syirans, wont need to be explained to them. Wake up, iran is the bigger target. Taking out its only ally in middle east, will make US/Israel invasion much smoother.

Did Iraq have mass destruction weapons? Are Iran going to nuke the whole world? (ofc with good mistranslation). Have u heard about Bana Walid? Where are NATO and US forces to save them? Nah they are only thinking about their own interests, the zionists already covers most of that.

I dont believe one word from them unless they start changin direction & I wont with these so-called neutral sources too. Unfortunately the public opinion about Syria and Iran (like here) is way biased due to western mass media, which makes propaganda day in and day out. The Syrian people are not behind them. If they were, Assad would have long ago honored his offer to resign. These bastards do no leave the syrian army and the syrian people any other options except to engage them, some terrorist factions wont even respect the cease-fire agreement under Eid, wtf rly.. Have anyone seen Turkey's (who has great genocidal skills btw!) border traffic?

Yes let the fanatic puppets and their allies take over syria, bring chaos all over the country and butcher every christian, alawi, druze, shi'a, syrian sunnis (who are defending them) on their path, thats what u want right? they are just using these brainless jihadists as tool to get their target, some of them are already started doing false flag attacks, Jordan uncovered one of their supporters plot. Still you think you're right, i dont have no more to say big_smile

#16 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2012-10-24 23:22:48

#Denny - check the links

#tuia - i was only gonna post the first video but some1 might wanted explanation why i supported a man (who has turned
into hitler [aka scapegoat] by the media) so i gave a true description whats goin on and better view unlike i hear outside.
i did forget to put links on the 1st one though, my posts werent even that long, i could have written more ehhh tongue

if i saw there were a subforum for that area i will have gone there right from start and yes music thread stays with music.
but most videos i did post were actually SONGS only pro-assad like i am, the last vid aint but it is there to back my story.
im right what i believe in and i stand 100% behind what i said, now i have other great songs in mind, dont worry most are english.

#17 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2012-10-24 21:16:02

nice explanation? that was my last time posting about it just like i explained my view why i posted and i sure can
this is not your forum to decide, so 1- for you. i know this is UNRELATED, my post tells the exactly same thing.

i said something i believe in and im finishing with a better explaining video/links, wont do much harm apart from informing ppl
after that you can post britney spears or whatever u like big_smile This is an music thread and it will stay like that.
1-3 different posts cant change it.

#18 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2012-10-24 19:53:58


[WARNING: graphic material]


Lavrov - "Assad Used in Great Geopolitical Game"

Perfectly said!!

Anyone who supports, arms, defends those terrorist bastards needs to check their head ASAP

pls dont censor it, unrelated i know, let the forum visitors/members see for themselves,
i keep hearing/reading lies about syria all the time and this is my response to those.

To those who wants to read RELIABLE news about Syria, please check the links below i posted:

Press TV
Russia Today
Syrian Channel
Syria Truth Network

#19 Re: Technical Help » unable to connect multiplayer » 2012-10-24 15:49:11

Georgie idk about chipset/mainboard, i will check for sure, if thats the problem, ouchsies. 
virtual windows maybe, i cant play 1 hour over there LOL, only limited time not rly worth it.
dont want to go gandalf on pc, mine is already fucked and one wrong move will send it to grave.

tuia, game do opens up, the FAIL happens when i click the multiplayer button - froze poooww!!!
singleplayer do work. in most public places MP dont, i even disabled my firewall, annoying shit yes.
if the ports are blocked like u say, i might use VPN, still i dont have much hope to resolve this...(
thx guys!

#20 Technical Help » unable to connect multiplayer » 2012-10-24 11:39:37

Trance Panther
Replies: 24

Trance here, yes ouchsies all ^^ 

i have trouble launching BF in school, everytime i try to connect online, my game crashes, every SINGLE time.
it does not even take me to desktop, the crap crashes my whole computer and im stuck restarting it, big wtf?...
Im running windows 7, np with firewall and I have tried multiple compatibility modes, none of them works. when im in home it
runs flawless, there are no errors. This is the same laptop i use on both places, i dont know what kind of shit is causing this?
i suspect the network but if there anyone with a idea, it will be much appreciated.


#21 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2012-10-23 20:50:46


#tuia - Thanks Im already on another one, but that forum u sent had good infos/great opinions.

#dary - Youtube exactly like they said ))

My respect for the Syrian people/army, standing tall no matter what. Clean your country from puppet scums!!

#22 Re: Off-Topic » Post some music! » 2012-10-23 15:11:25


Most people know what i believe in, what more can better describe this than this song. Sorry there is no translation tongue but u get the idea.
Few mins ago, i was gonna put another song on but seeing the baseless lies and hate Syria gets, made me disgusted, and therefore this.
CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera can write as much bullshit as they can about the foreign-backed terrorists (FSA - which is mostly composed of
Al Qaeda, mercenaries from Rurkey, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Qatar and many more countries, who are now busy invading the land and
killing innocent civillians who dont want them there.

Blaming massacres on syrian army is their second good tactic. just like they always hide like rats in populated areas, so if they get hit,
you know who they will blame. I cant believe so many ppl are falling for their propaganda. It makes me sick to see the TRUE news inside
the country dont get SHOWN, but the FSA heroes does. If Assad goes, god help the minorities. I could make longer post with videos/sources,
but this forum is not for that xD ppl should make their own research, this is all in Israels advantage!!  just my 5 cents and enjoy the song.

#24 Re: Other Languages » Mix » 2012-10-20 13:27:44


p.s. saw the video b4

#26 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Unban YourMother » 2012-08-25 19:32:42

inb4 i get blamed (-.-)
i came only in server 2day to check 1 idiot who used my nick, i dont play much in server anymore idc really
must be hilarious if mother banned himself xD no hard feelings though good luck finding why u got ban LOL

#28 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2012-08-23 18:17:44

joint is this u brat? )))


bb see ya all in server apart from few despicable ones

#29 Re: Report Abuse » fakenick » 2012-08-23 17:52:12

maybe i was overreacting da abuse part tongue his name had no grammar mistakes got average english decent score too
i thought i was dreamin or somethin when comin in server my name automatically changed to pink panther_46 O.o
every1 can become suspious and still iam, he played 2-3 ago ago in server and did not see me? b4 i took PP nick i checked all
da gametracker player list, its not my responspility dat some1 pops up with identical name i will think about changin it now
but its very annoyin though, yes u guys there are many lecters/georges, still its very strange ppl still remember that cartoon

#30 Re: Report Abuse » fakenick » 2012-08-23 16:18:21

thank you lec ))) i have no idea who LILI is & why he is usin my name? never seen him in SIMPLE b4
he had okay english i heard after he was kicked and da player behind keyhash dont have much history/activity
very strange can this cdkeyhash be generated by som1 like jedder or is it complete new bought from store?
idc, ppl can call themselves yellow green blue panther whatever, usin my personal name goin around in server
to abuse others acting like "im da real one" makin bad name on me, i absolutely despise dat and i will punish hard

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