#1 Re: News and Announcements » GameSpy shutdown and Battlefield 1942 » 2014-05-27 18:06:00

I download bf1942-v1.61-retail-patched.zip
and overwrite files in folders. I think it helps me...

#2 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2014-05-27 18:03:08

заменил файлы в нужных папках. бф42 и ДК работает. Спецы админы решают эту проблему и на DC серверах.

#3 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2014-05-27 17:38:30

я скачал тот ретейл экзешник

#4 Re: Other Languages » Здравствуйте, товарищи » 2014-05-27 17:18:02

как понять какая у меня игра стоит: ориджин, ретейл, или noCD?

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Народ, у меня вопрос немного не по теме, я хочу спросить про gamespy shutdown.
Я качал сборку игры с http://www.ex.ua/2888784, там бф42, рим, секретное оружее, DC 0.7, DC final.
Ключ генерируеш сам, добавляеш его в реестр и все. Это наверно noCD версия. Что нужно сделать чтоб игра не висла после 31 мая? На рутрекере нейм говорит нужно добавить сервера в избранные или переписать адреса и порты. Кто знает объясните, плиз! Написал как мог на английском в этой теме "GameSpy shutdown and Battlefield 1942", жду ответа. Спасибо за помощь.

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Hi, my name is Andrew. I download client game from here http://www.ex.ua/2888784. I create my own key in "bf1942changer.exe", then launch bf42.reg and my key goes to register. The game consists of battlefield_1942_patch_v1.6.19
and mappaks Road to Rome and Secret Weapons
What am i to do to still play bf1942 after 31 may.
i think my game is noCD version

#8 Server Ban Appeals » Request to Unban » 2013-06-17 19:38:42

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Hi! My name is Andrew. My nickname is Amigo. I was banned by Yoda for teamkilling for 1 week today on Tobruk map. In that map I decided to repair tanks, and fight only a little time. I repair 2-3 tanks and went to attack 2 bunkers line. 1st time sherman kill me and i decided to respawn at APC, APC moving to 2 line of bunkers on left. It was about 80% armor health, so I decided to jump out and repair it. But I press wrong button (5 - mine, 6 - repair) because i wanted to repair APC quickly. And put mine to APC... Maybe Yoda was in APC and he was mad to me, and banned me.
Yoda, I'm sorry for that tk. I just want help, but take a ban. I put mine at 7 button and 5 - repair.;)
Please, unban me.

Answering to YourMother
YourMother i remember that in apc was 2-3 people. I wanted say sorry, but ban came so quickly and i was so unhappy for this my mistake, so I couldn't make it in time. Im not troll and in not want to tk people in purpose.

I change my controls: 5 - repair, button I - mine; to not do such mistake in future.

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