#1 Re: Feedback » Vote disabled RTR+SW » 2018-02-12 00:49:39

Just a small test today, vote is enabled again.

#2 Re: Feedback » Tournament » 2018-01-28 00:54:28

Come on Sepp, you are going to lose. And in a tournament you cannot always play with Tiger.

#3 Re: Feedback » Tournament » 2018-01-28 00:52:42

I am surprised Knife and Infantry tournaments have such few votes. Those are the two I would prefer.

#4 Re: Feedback » Tournament » 2018-01-28 00:50:01

Black Mamba wrote:

How many votes are needed before the poll closes?

The tournament poll will run for a week or two, then it will be closed.

#5 Feedback » Tournament » 2018-01-27 02:29:36

Replies: 24

Which tournament would you like to be hosted next? Do you have other suggestions?

#6 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-27 02:17:25

That was an accident today... but that method can be tested. I do agree, it is better than "failed to connect" error message. But things are slowly improving, it hasn't been a week and more and more players have made the transition.

#7 Re: Feedback » Admin purge » 2018-01-25 00:32:56

It can be next. I skipped some admins or the list would be too long, sorry.

Paul Baumer wrote:

Sorry its not clear, admin that should be banned or admin that shouldn't be an admin? smile

Both cases.

#8 Re: BF1942 Discussion » SiMPLE Flettner Arena 1v1 Conquest Tournament » 2018-01-24 23:52:36

I would play you, but your chances of winning the tournament would go out of the window.  smile

#10 Feedback » Admin purge » 2018-01-24 23:21:00

Replies: 96

Let's do some housecleaning! wink

#12 Re: Off-Topic » Room of Culture » 2018-01-24 22:55:22

This is the best version, in my opinion, of Jean Sibelius Symphony no. 1, conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. I think it is performed by the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Hope you enjoy it, too.


#13 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Time to unban me? » 2018-01-24 22:10:07

It would help your case, if you recorded or streamed your gameplay.

#14 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-24 22:08:22

Thank you, xp fanatic. You are right, I should have thought of that. The messages have to be exaggerated so players eventually notice it. I don't think informing what is the new IP address helps at all, because few, if any, players connect to IP, but by server name, what do you think?
It is  a bit concerning, because, right now, about half of the players have made the transition.

#15 Re: Videos and Screenshots » GUN|BF vs -=TL=- 21.01.2018 » 2018-01-24 00:58:12

More maps will be added to New Maps server, but they all must have bot support, for now. Suggestions are welcome.

Flettnerman, thank you for sharing the videos, it is always a good initiative to record some BF-League matches.

#16 Re: Technical Help » Maximize in windowed mode? » 2018-01-24 00:47:00

That's the best advice, create a BF1942.EXE shortcut and change the properties of the shortcut to run as "Maximized". Then, start the game from that shortcut. Or you can download a program, like Sizer, to resize the BF1942.exe window to any size.

#17 Re: Feedback » Map time on RTR » 2018-01-24 00:38:40

The map time is currently 42 minutes, because with every map change, some players leave the server, because of crashes when loading maps or whatever reason. The map time can be lowered to 36 minutes as a test, if most of you prefer, in about 2 weeks time.

#18 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-24 00:27:40

Financial. smile The server at OVH was a bit expensive.

#20 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-23 09:24:31

Thank you very much, Russ. That should be an interesting read.

The server is hosted with Online in one of its Paris datacenters: https://documentation.online.net/en/ded … atacenters

#21 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-23 00:29:28

simon, I think there is nothing you can do to improve hits, I am referring to you as the client. Because, a player (client) sends to the BF1942 server, every 30 ms, packets containing his inputs and it is the server that decides if there is a hit or not, irrespective of the rate a client sends its packets. On the other hand, a BF1942 server can improve its hit detection. A BF1942 server typically sends to each client, every 50 ms, packets containing information about the world (players positions, shots fired, etc.), which is a 20 Hz rate, a bit low I would say. I think it should be easy to increase this rate, I don't know I've never tried it, however this would probably cause more CPU stress.
The BF1942 netcode is a bit rudimentary, it lacks some features which other games from the same time, like CS, already had it. Read this for more information about the basic ideas of multiplayer networking: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wik … Networking

PS: As I was writing this, lost it all and had to rewrite it again, bummer. Sorry, I had to skip some parts.

#22 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned (by one of Jazzy's minions?) » 2018-01-22 13:24:13

1 week ban for chat spamming is a bit too much, Jazzy.

#23 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Time to unban me? » 2018-01-22 13:11:26

T-BONE wrote:

This POLITICAL ban is completely uncalled for.

What was your player name and what error message do you get when connecting to the server?

You will be unbanned, but, please, don't troll around being a jackass and everything will be fine.

#24 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-22 13:03:11

ABAS wrote:

i had even better round few hours later , but still harder to hit


still your servers are 100000000 times better than clan servers ,they are absolutely unplayable and bad dunno if you and fear use same settings for servers or not

all these do not matter at all, the amount of time and money and effort you put on this forgotten game to keep it alive is pretty unique and priceless, EA game and Dice owe you  , we all should be thankfull that even a server exist that we can play this game for free , many thanks tuia

You are welcome. There are some settings that can be changed in the kernel or network drivers, but it is all a matter of trial and error, without any inside knowledge about BF1942 server code. The network code in BF1942 isn't good, and that is the problem, with those unregistered and delayed hits.

#25 Re: BF1942 Discussion » 2017 Best Inf Poll » 2018-01-22 10:31:36

That is fine, Moss. Thanks for your initiative, I was playing around. I am an average inf, I could never make it to the list, but moon and dary would not even serve as warm-ups against me.

#26 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-22 10:25:10

ABAS, I saw you having a good round yesterday in Omaha beach, with even a higher ping 170 ms you were killing soldiers right and left.

#27 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-22 10:21:04

xp fanatic, there can be additional tweaking, but that takes some time to test and get your feedback. I can't, right now, I will be very busy the next 2 weeks, but after that I will have some free days. I've watched the server during peak hours and it coped well. I would like to read other players opinion about the new server, any lag during the game experienced, if your ping increased/decreased, about bullet registration.

Alvarez-Latino, you are not, yet, connecting directly to the new server address. You should have an even lower ping to the new server.
I would rather be called a racist or a nazi, than watch my nation slowly become a 3rd world country with all the influx of worthless races. Actually, those are buzzwords (racist, nazi) to psychologically disarm you so you don't even question the ongoing narrative. With the surge in crimes and rapes all over Europe's big cities and establishment of no-go zones, it is not that hard to associate with it all the immigrants and refugees poured into Europe. Sorry, but that is braindead to me.

#28 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-21 16:35:54

It is finally running. Please, update your servers and favorites list and join from the new address:

#29 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-21 12:38:45

Ok, I'll finish the move after lunch, sorry. There is a little problem getting to run BFServerManager, a 32 bits program, in Devuan Linux 64 bits, but I'll sort it out.

#30 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to Paris » 2018-01-21 11:12:13

Hold on, please. I'll let you know when it is finished. My monitor had a crisis today, it is going blank sporadically, it needs to warm up.

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