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K1ng kunn

more than 1 h ago. He attack my tank with panzerschreck, playing the same team. He is total idiot and did it 3 times again in front of me. I killed him every time, defending my tank. 4th time he try destroy me from back but I saw him, run and killed, he was trying to attack me 5th time but I expacked myself instead if him, anyway  autokicked. I didn't shoot him incidentally or take plane before him in last map. He just attack random player in tank from team. Please bann this idiot. Should also bann b17 main base riders or they will do it all the time. Admins plese don't show weakness against problems.


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Re: K1ng kunn

Thx for the report.

K1ngKunn has been kicked & banned a few times already for the poor choices he/she has made,
and now has a three-day ban.


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