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Hi Sedmin,
Thank you very much for the quick help!
I have now tried the first tip and copied the files into the games folder.
I started the game and the problems with the menu and the crosshairs seem to be fixed perfectly!

The lightmaps don't seem to be a problem. I didn't have to deactivate them.

Now I'll test it extensively smile

Best regards

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again, because of the problems I described in the last post:

I named it there "Hair-Cross" smile

After a few test games, I noticed that even as an engineer with the rifle I couldn't see the crosshairs on some maps (Iwo). When hit, there is no reaction from the crosshair if there is one.
I don't see any reaction when I make a selection with Mouse-Wheel in the weapon selection field, nor when I select the weapon type left on the Screen.
The Problems with the Entry-Menues and the Crosshair are the only Problems Ingame i have.

Maybe anybody know this Problem???


#3 Technical Help » Some Weapons no Hair-Cross and other smaller Problems, maybe new GPU » 2023-12-19 18:56:53

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Hi all!

I have "smaller" Problems with Graphics. I build in a new GPU in my Windows 11 System. Now it is an AMD RX 6400.

Picture in Game is nice and Crisp but:

In the Entry Menue/Options are some Fails with Buttons and Backgrounds of them. The function is there when I hit the location of the sliders but they are not visible.

- In Game: All works, but there are no Hair-Cross at any Kind of Handguns except Engineer-Riffle and Bazooka, Grenades, Expacks and Mines.

- At Plane and Ship i have a Hair-Cross but not in Tank. (Aiming with Tank without this is really shitty)

- At Minimap and biggered Minimap the Grey/uncaptured Flag-Symbol is pixely with a yellowish Frame. Other Flag-Symbols look nice.

I suspect all errors are due to the same problem. I installed your recommended exes and according to your instructions and recommendations. As I said, everything else is working fine!

Anybody knows this Problems?

I think it is not Sabotage by Enemy...

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... sorry for my wind, I had onions and eggs yesterday smile

Thank you very much for the helpful quick replies!

I'll try it out in my free time and then reply how it went.
I am also grateful that there are SIMPLE servers that I have enjoyed playing on for years!
I finally registered on the forum. It is about time...
Everything here is very informative!

I activated DirectPlay via Legacy Components during my experiments...
Good idea to install this in a different folder! I didn't pay attention to that with BF1942.
After all, that's how my beloved FlightGear works and it's also recommended there...

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maybe anybody can help with this Problem:

I've been playing on Windows 10 for a long time and I know how to fix the compatibility issues. It has always worked. Two months ago I updated my Win10 to Win 11 and it worked wonderfully again.
My DVD drive has long been "outsourced" to a PCIe SATA card and still seems to be working...

Now my problem:
Last week I dared to reinstall Windows 11, which means no update from Win 10 but a pure Win 11 ISO with the Media Creation Tool and installed. I took the opportunity to change the SSD from a WD Black SN850 with 500GB to a WD Black SN850X with 1TB. I changed the slot of the PCIe card from a PCIe 1x slot to a PCIe 4x slot directly below to make room for a modification of the GPU fan...
The system works perfectly and there were no other changes to the hardware.

I start the installation with the BF1942 DVD, click on Install in the window. The installation process begins and then aborts with the message:
Error number: 0x80010105
Description: Server threw exception.
Setup will now exit

I can't find a way out of the situation no matter what I do. The CD is in very good condition and has not been touched since the last installation and has been well stored. As I said, the DVD drive seems to still work.

The Version is a DICE EA Value Games / most wanted BF1942 WWII Anthology Issue

Does anyone know this problem and can help me?
I would be very grateful.
The war is waiting and the withdrawal symptoms are unbearable... wink

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