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KarlsoN wrote:
Insane wrote:
KarlsoN wrote:

Ну это ты обосрался, так сказать

ты уже из Узбекистана на паРашку вернулся пиздабол или еще дальше съебнул? smile

Это мы переходим на личности, когда аргументация кончилась?

Личность, сходи ка нахуй еще раз.
Ты самый натуральный российский пиздабол. российский и пиздабол, какое-то масло-масляное получается

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KarlsoN wrote:

Ну это ты обосрался, так сказать

ты уже из Узбекистана на паРашку вернулся пиздабол или еще дальше съебнул? smile

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Всех с праздником!
И немного о приключениях ванек в Украине. big_smile
https://9gag.com/gag/aPgdmoV?utm_source … post_share

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KarlsoN wrote:

идите оба нахуй

Идешь нахуй именно ты и все остальные псевдо-нормальные русские, которые язык в жопу засунули, когда ваши радикальные псы грязью нас поливали. А когда ответ получать начали то ты сразу заныл как сучка, жертва несчастная. Пиздаболы и лицемерные мрази.

#10 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2023-07-25 18:46:29

Perfect example of the twisted logics of the ruzzkie animals - "we attack you so give up otherwise we will bomb the cities".
Also - ruzzkie: establishing a production of military drones in the shopping malls in Moscow.
Strikes on the military targets in Moscow.
The ruzzkie: omg it's a terrorist attack!

How about you fk off and keep fking each other up in your country as you did it for centuries.

#11 Re: Off-Topic » World War III » 2023-07-25 15:59:10

A bit an old video, but nothing has changed since it happens daily.

So russian animals, together with their braindamaged supporters can go nahui, go cry and suck your Mama Tuia's titty little pussies.

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seventy wrote:

Insane, how is the situation in Kharkiv? Your city is intact or has already been damaged? How are people coping with the situation?

Quite loud, around 3 times per day (day or night doesn't matter of course) mainly S-300.
People are pretty grim, it's a work-home cycle with alarms and bomb shelters and sleepless nights in between.
But people can get used to almost anything, so after some time they begin to neglect the possible danger and ignore the warnings to go to the shelter.
I find your question pretty weird because it's well known that Kharkiv is constantly shelled, there's plenty of the info available online.

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To those who "just wants having fun" without all this nuisance.
Recall MH-17 and have fun with this:
separatists celebrating the shooting down of what they thought was a Ukrainian military transport AN-26.
A well known separatist leader Igor "Strelkov" Girkin stating they have downed a Ukrainian AN-26.
and a video of the summary on the investigation
https://9gag.com/gag/a8qVB9O?utm_source … post_share

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Dakota wrote:

Reopening this BS and trash talking jews ?  Now they will bring that in game ect...

How low can you go Tuia ?


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А давайте угадаем, как отредактировать вот этот шедевр? smile
https://9gag.com/gag/aBdO402?utm_source … post_share

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Исторически заглотнули xD

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tuia wrote:

To joint, Insane and all the ukrainian players, I hope you realize you are being used as cannon fodder by your jewish government. They don't care about human lives, they never did. The more blood and violence there is, the better to them. Ukraine has lost the battle and should surrender, but it won't until there are no soldiers left and thousands of lives have been lost, unfortunately.

This shitpost didn't age well, did it?
Just as any other post about "Ukraine has lost to the great russian 2nd army in the world". smile

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Пам'ятаєте лицемірні тварини, як ви святкували MH-17? Ось ваші свята справжні.
Все інше удаваність.

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Народ, хтось знає що відбувається?
Дуже тривожно.

#27 Re: Report Abuse » why did they turn off the voting on the simple » 2023-04-23 11:39:52

Let's take each other by a hand, laugh and sing like in some musical movie! Happiness to everyone! big_smile

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У мене стійке враження, що тобі не доходить.
Давай спробуємо ще раз - іди нахуй.

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Yep, it's them ruzzian nazi group Rusich, and the executions they committed somewhere in the summer. Now they post it to brag and intimidate Ukrainians.
https://twitter.com/adnashmyash/status/ … 01793?s=20

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