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Sonic wrote:

Ok, It was me who banned him. Maj. Merlin was complaining about a baserape and then he reported you as a teamkiller. At first I kicked you, then I thought you were taking revenge on him by tking. So I applied a 1day  ban. But immidiately after we talked with this Merlin guy and i understood the details and got you unbanned.
Sorry for this situation, I will doublecheck what that whiner says in future. You should be unbanned by now, have fun playing.

Thanks dude, I understand the baserape was pretty bad of me so that wont happen again but the TK XD As much as I like the server (and I will keep playing, thank you SO much for unbanning me) is that people seem to get kicked for team damage/kills a lot, maybe if not take the friendly fire out, reduce it or give both parties a chance to explain tongue Either way, I am SO glad I am unbanned as this is my favourite childhood game and I hope to see you on the battlefield soldier *salute*

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I performed a one bomb drop (from a BF-109) onto a parked mustang (not realizing the server rules and they are not displayed on the server from what I've seen?) which I then finished by shooting it down after it took off. I got kicked for "Baserape" which I thought was a little unfair as it was only one attack that I stopped instantly and apologized for; still kicked. I then rejoined, got put on the allied team (with the guy who just reported me: "Maj.Merlin" I believe) as a German pulled up in a jeep at our main base, I shot him as soon as he got out of the jeep to which Merlin ran in front of me mid-fire (I believe unintentionally) and instantly got me banned for team-killing. I feel this was overall, not worth a ban or kick, if I hadn't apologized or told them to F off I could understand but I was reasonable. My name was "Player 55" apparently so if I could be unbanned and this be accepted as a formal apology to all involved, I would be grateful, thank you.

P.S. I just started replaying this game online after over 10 years so I have no clue if that's a normal rule I am very sorry!
P.S.S Player 55, 25th April around 20:40, Simple BF1942 FRA <Details for unban>

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