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BF1942 Mini League [FALL SEASON 2018 SIGNUP]

Hi all, the BF1942 Mini League is back and this time we are organizing a new season starting this Fall!

Priority will be given to teams that have played in the Summer 2018 season, and then new teams that would like to participate in the event.

In addition to this, because of the events that happened in the last League Season (see this thread: http://team-simple.org/forum/viewtopic.php?id=6524), some new rules will be added.

Some of these new rules will address the revamped penalty points system, team registration, refereeing, the uses of bugs, recording, and other important elements.

For teams that competed in the Summer 2018 Season: please make sure to read the new rules as well as the older rules that I will post below prior to entering the competition. For everyone else and people that wish to take part in the competition: please read the whole post. I understand that it is long but doing so will make everything clearer for you.


As usual, the general format of the competition remains 2v2 infantry Conquest. The maps also do not change from the last season.

The mods needed for this new League Season are still Road to Rome and Secret Weapons. The custom maps needed are still the same, and all the downloads for the files needed for the competition are linked below.


Battlefield 1942: For a download link to the full game, you can PM the forum administrator, tuia.

BF1942: The Road to Rome

BF1942: Secret Weapons of WWII

SW + RTR Full Infantry Map Pack 2018




PunkBuster Client for Windows


General Rules

The BF1942 Mini League is a friendly competition where the objective is to have fun.

The rules must be read by all competitors, old or new, prior to the competition and understood by all teams and individuals that join the competition.

League admins have the responsibility to enforce League rules and make sure that they are applied fairly.

At BF1942 Mini League, we function with a warn, kick and ban system when a rule or set of rules is broken more than once.

A first offence will result in warning and possible penalty points being removed depending on the severity of it (penalty points will be explained in details in a separate section below).

A second offence will result in an exclusion from the next match for the offending party, and a third and final offence will lead to a complete exclusion from the current League season.

The following behavior will not be tolerated during, or outside of league matches:

- Having an unsportsmanlike attitude towards other competitors (insulting players in any way will not be tolerated), in a live match or on the Mini League Discord page

- Using the game chat to talk during a match that is live, even to report an offence being committed such as a bug or glitch. The League admins are there to take notes of offences being committed, but must report them to the concern individuals after the match is completed and not while it is live

- The use of bugs such as the prone bug (pressing z), the double-jump bug (Space bar + Crouch Key + Space bar), and using the prone key behind sandbags and other objects MORE THAN ONCE (pressing z to get cover behind a small object is acceptable) will result in IMMEDIATE exclusion from the competition for the rest of the season for the involved individuals, no exceptions

- The use of glitches such as the barrel glitch and glitching inside buildings is prohibited and will also result in the IMMEDIATE exclusion from the competition for the rest of the season for the involved individuals, no exception

- The use of cheat programs and codes such as map hacks, wall hacks, aimbots and any kind of artificial aid to help aiming is strictly forbidden and if an individual is found using these kind of cheat programs, they will be permanently banned from the competition (not just the season) and will be reported to every active BF1942 server currently left. The team harboring the individual that was found to be hacking beyond any doubt (using video evidence for example) will be automatically disqualified from the competition

League format and match format

The Fall 2018 Season will have a very similar format to the Summer 2018 Season.

The Mini League, for the Fall 2018 Season, will consist of:

=> Five regular season match weeks + one mid season tank cup + one after season cup (1st placed team vs 3rd placed team and 2nd placed team vs 4th placed team)
=> All matches will be recorded
=> The match weeks are still spread over a two week period, for maximum flexibility for real life events
=> Each team plays other teams only once

Every Fall Season 2018 match will respect the following format:

=> The matches happen from Friday evenings to Sundays, most typically
=> Two 20 minute rounds per map, Axis and Allied sides switch sides after the first round
=> Two maps are played in a match
=> The game mode is 2v2 Conquest (Infantry Only)
=> Grenades and exppacks are completely disabled, as are landmines
=> All ammo boxes have been removed

Match reporting

Team Captains have the responsibility to record the results of every round of every match. This means that at the end of each match, four screenshots should be produced by the Team Captain.

Although it is primarily the responsibility of the Team Captains to take screenshots, Team Members and League Admins should also have the reflex of taking the screenshots at the end of each round.

A match without screenshots AND video recording is not valid and will have to be redone. These two conditions have to be met to report a match that is valid.

A special Google Drive folder will be made to upload all the screenshots to the appropriate places. The screenshots and videos will then be posted on the forums (usually on this topic) for every match that occurred in the Fall 2018 Season.

Default or forfeit wins

Definition of a default win:

Complete victory over another team obtained in special cases, such as one side not having enough players or not showing up on time.

Typically a default win implies that one side wins the two maps with full tickets, meaning a side that has a default win will get 800 tickets (the maximum for a league war), or 200 tickets per round, and four won rounds.

A default win may only be given to a certain team by a League Admin if one of the following conditions occur:

- One side failed to show up to a league war inside the two week period
- One team or an individual within a team committed a major offence such as cheating, rage quitting or server crashing

If one side commits these kind of offences during a live league match, then the rest of the rounds and tickets can also be forfeited.

For example, if Team A rage quits in the middle of the third round, in the second map, then the last round of the second map can be forfeited and a default win for only that round can be given to the opposing team.


A ringer, or backup player, is a player that is used in the event that one team is missing his or her partner during a live 2v2 league match.

Due to the small nature of the matches (2v2), the use of ringers is prohibited. Using ringers is a punishable offence that can result in the exclusion from the league for the offending party. More details about how the use of ringers can be punished can be found below.

Match rules

During a live league match, certain rules must be observed by every party involved in order to assure the match being played goes as planned.

League admins and league players alike must observe the following rules, and certain rules apply only to League admins. Below I will define the notion of Team Captains, League Admins and Team Members as well as their respective roles, responsibilities and the rules they must enforce during and outside of live league matches.

Please note that the roles and responsibilities of the Team Captains and League Admins are incremental to the basic roles and responsibilities that the Team Members must observe.

=> Team Captains:

Team Captains are, as their name implies, the leaders of their respective teams.

Team Captains have certain responsibilities such as recruiting a sufficient number of players in their teams; making a team; making sure they always have a backup player they can use in case one team member fails to show up for a match; making sure that their Team Members can show up for the League matches; contacting other Team Captains to schedule practices and arrange league calendar conflicts, and, if needed, being League Admins that can arbitrate matches different from their own.

==> Rules Team Captains must observe during a League match:

- Team Captains have the responsibility to make sure that their Team Members do no break any rules during a match. That means, they have to make sure their members don't camp, glitch, talking during a match bug, rage quit, hide, or do anything illegal

- Team Captains must make sure that all Team Members, including themselves, are wearing their team tags. Failure for a player to wear his or her team tag will result in a warning, and if it happens ago, a Penalty Point could be issued

- Team Captains are responsible for allowing or disallowing spectators during a live League match

- Team Captains must make sure their Team Members show up on times to League matches and are not late

- Restarting the map once all players are in the server for the match

- Making sure no ringers are used during a live league match, by their own or the opposing team

- Reporting the results of every round of every match by taking a screenshot at the end of each round

==> Rules Team Captains must observe outside of a League match:

- Team Captains must solve schedule conflicts with other Team Captains, if they arise. Team Captains can also arrange practice wars with other Team Captains, and it is encouraged to do well in the League

- Team Captains will have admin rights to the League servers, and they must enforce them if necessary, like League Admins

- Team Captains must make sure all their Team Members, including themselves, understand the Mini League rules before entering the competition. This is very important!

=> League Admins:

To be a League Admin, an individual must already be a Team Captain. A Team Member cannot be a League Admin. League Admins must have time to spectate, arbitrate and analyse video footage AFTER a League match has been played, in order to make sure no bugging, glitching, cheating or hacking has been found in the videos and also to make sure that no players talk during a live League match and every individual involved in the League war behaves in a good manner

==> Rules League Admins must observe during a League match:

- League Admins have a responsibility to arbitrate a live League match. This means that they have the OBLIGATION, not the CHOICE, to record every round of every match from beginning to end. This means that the output video, or sum of all rounds, should equal to roughly 80 minutes maximum, or less if certain rounds ended quicker than others

- One League Admin at least must be present at every League match that happens throughout the whole season, no exceptions

- Restarting a map during a live League match if needed (but not mandatory, because this is the role of the Team Captain)

- Making sure no ringers are used during a live league match

==> Rules League Admins must observe outside of a League match:

- League Admins must review recorded videos after a match and analyze the whole videos or video to make sure the use of hacks, cheats, bugs, glitches, foul language and other infringements to the rules did not happen

- Moderate the official Mini League Discord, administrate all the BF1942 Mini League official servers (upload new maps, maintain the server, kick or ban unwanted players if necessary, or warn them)

- Ensuring that all Mini League servers have the latest version of PunkBuster installed

=> Team Members:

Team Members are part of the team that the Team Captain has made. They have a responsibility to show up for the scheduled matches and alert their Team Captains if they cannot make it for a match so that their Team Captain can make necessary arrangements to replace the player with the backup. Team Members must be reliable and must maintain a positive attitude during the competition. Behavior such as rage quitting in the middle of the match and insulting enemy players will not be tolerated.

==> Rules Team Members must observe during a League match:

- Camping enemy uncapturable bases if not allowed. Camping is defined by shooting enemy players that spawn in or close to their uncapturable flag. The camped individuals are ALLOWED to shoot back at the camping party, however

- All Team Members (as well as Team Captains and League Admins that participate in a match) must play the WHOLE MATCH from beginning to end, and are not allowed to leave in the middle of a live league match. Accidental disconnects and loss of connection are problems out of our control that happen periodically, and will not be sanctioned if they occur. However, the act of "rage quitting" (leaving voluntarily a match out of frustration) will be severely reprimanded and can lead to an exclusion from the competition

- Map specific rules must be observed by every participating individual in a live league match. For example, on the map if_hellendoorn, going to the second level of the church is not allowed, as is shooting outside the church

- Recording a live league match from your first-person point of view is permitted and encouraged. Sofware such as Fraps and Dxtory allow you to record your gameplay, and can be obtained for free

- Reporting ringers and illegal players to Captains and League Admins

==> Rules Team Members must observe outside of a League match:

- On the Mini League Discord that I will set up, all Team Members have the responsibility to interact with other contestants in a civil and orderly manner. Name calling and insults will not be tolerated

Match spectating

By default, spectating a live League match is allowed unless one of the two Team Captains does not allow it. In this case, only League Admins and the individuals involved in the match will be allowed to participate in the League match.

A Team Captain must warn his opposing Team Captain at least 3 days before the date of the match if he or she does not allow spectators.

Using spectator(s) in a match when they are not allowed can lead to a Penalty Point being issued to the spectator (assuming they are League contestants of course) and the Team Captain at fault.

Map specific rules

Certain maps have rules that all contestants, from Team Members to League Admins, must observe and respect at all times. I will list the maps that have specific rules below. These rules are incremental to the rules listed for every type of contestant, such as no camping main bases, no bugging, etc.

=> if_hellendoorn:

- Shooting enemies from outside the church or from your main base or on the way from your main base to the church is prohibited
- Going to the second level of the church to attack enemy players or to hide is prohibited
- Hiding around the map to kill time is prohibited. Entering the hotel in Hellendoorn is forbidden

=> if_agheila

- Hiding in the buildings around both main bases, for both teams, is prohibited, as is entering those buildings

=> if_anzio

- Climbing the ladder to the cranes @ the port area to camp the enemy main base or just to hide is prohibited

=> if_cassino

- Climbing the ladder on both sides of the central flag to hide and camp there is prohibited

Penalty Points

Penalty Points are needed to keep every contestant in check and make sure nobody uses any unfair advantage or uses foul language.

Penalty Points are removed from the W/L/D point count in the League Table (see the [POINTS] section below) every time an offence has been committed.

Only League Admins may give Penalty Points. Team Captains are only allowed to do so if they are League Admins, if they are not, they cannot issue Penalty Points. Team Members may not give Penalty Points.

A League Admin may ONLY give a Penalty Point after reviewing a video containing incriminating evidence with all the OTHER league admins. A League Admin cannot issue a Penalty Point alone and must consult with other League Admins before doing so, after ALL League Admins have also viewed the video(s).

Penalty Points are always given once at a time. Their individual value is -1. However, if a video reviewed by a League Admin contains more than one offence, then Penalty Points will be added on top of each other.

For example, if Player X bugs and camps in the same match at different times, these are considered two separate offences and will be added on top of each other.

If a player receives two Penalty Points in one match, they will be banned from their next League match. If two penalty points are issued for two different player (one penalty per player), then both players can still play their next League match.

Below is a list of offences that can receive a -1 Penalty Point, during or outside a live League match:

- Crashing a League server
- Using cheat programs such as map hack, wall hack, aimbot, multihack, or any program that is exterior to BF1942.exe that gives the player an unfair advantage during a live League match
- The use of bugs (prone bug, double jump bug) and glitches (inside buildings and barrels, etc) during a live League match
- Camping an enemy uncap, using ladders or stairs where they are prohibited, and hiding around the map to kill time (prohibited on all maps except if_essen)
- Using the game chat (K), NOT the team chat (L), during a live League match (includes insulting and trashtalking)
- Rage quitting during a live League match/leaving before the end of the 20 minutes
- Disrespecting the 50-50 rule (for example, playing in an European server only when 50% of the players involved in the match are from the USA or Canada) during a live League match
- Failure from a League Admin to record a live League match
- Assigning Penalty Point(s) to an individual or team without consulting with other League Admins, or without solid video evidence
- Using a player that is not registered in the League during a live League match (a player that is not a backup player), or using a ringer
- Arriving late to a live League match (at least 10 minutes late)
- Failure to show up to a match for any Team Member, League Admin or Team Captain
- Playing a League match after the two weeks match arranging period (Team Captain will received a Penalty Point)
- Insulting other players, foul language and trash talking in the official Mini League Discord
- When a team PICKS the same map twice, but doesn't PLAY the same map twice
- Failure from a Team Captain to record the results of the match (by taking a screenshot) during a live League match, at the end of each round
- Having one or more spectator(s) during a live League match when one Team Captain did not allow them
- A team that loses by default will also receive a Penalty Point (if for example some players become inactive and fail to show up during the two weeks match period)

50-50 rule

Because we have competitors from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Europe, it is important to make sure every contestant has access to the same playing conditions. Because of this, the 50-50 rule that was first introduced in the Summer 2018 League season will remain.

For those that are not familiar, the 50-50 rule states that when at least 50% of the contestants come from the same geographical region or continent and the other 50% are from a different geographical region, that two servers should be used for each map, one for each of the regions where the players live.

For example, if two players from the USA play two players from Europe, there will be one map (the map pick from the USA team) played in a server in the USA, and the other map (the European team's pick) will be played in a server in Europe.

Servers will be set in advance before the matches happen, for every team involved in the competition, so there is no ambiguity as to where matches should happen in the event of a Europe vs USA match.

League Admins and Team Captains are responsible for making sure the 50-50 rule is respected. League Admins only can give Penalty Points in the event that the rule isn't observed.

Map picking

Team Captains have the responsibility of discussing which maps they will play during the whole season and vs which opponent and also have the responsibility of not picking the same map twice versus a different opponent each time.

Again, only League Admins may issue a Penalty Point in the event that a Team Captain has picked the same map twice in two different occasions in the season.

Each Team Captain will pick seven maps out of the eight available maps in the [MAP POOL] section, since every team will play seven times in the Fall 2018 Season against seven different opponents each time.

The order in which the maps are picked and versus which opponent does not matter as long as the same map is not picked twice by a team.

Anticheat protection

BF1942 Mini League is a cheat free community and we intend on keeping it that way for as long as possible. For that reason, we ask all contestants in this League to use the latest version of PunkBuster, from League Admins to Team Members.

In the [FILES] section, you will find the latest version of PunkBuster for you to download in case you do not yet have it.

League Admins have the responsibility to check that the latest version of PunkBuster is installed on all official Mini League servers.


An important modification has been brought to every map in the custom map pack.

From now on, all grenades will be permanently removed from the Antitank, Assault, Medic and Sniper kits for all factions (German Army, US Army, Italian Army, French Army, German Elites, British Commandos).

The Summer 2018 Season had grenades enabled on some maps.

For the Fall 2018 Season I have decided to disable them completely, because the use of grenades on certain maps was an issue that was brought up to me and other admins frequently last season.


The maps for the Fall Season are still the same as the Summer Season and haven't changed. There are four Secret Weapons infantry conversions and four Road to Rome infantry conversions.

The eight maps which will be used for the competition are:

- if_hellendoorn (SW) => Fight for Middle (FFM) map, with one flag to capture inside the church
- if_cassino (RTR) => Fight for Middle (FFM) map, with one flag to capture in the middle of the ruined monastery
- if_anzio (RTR) => Fight for Middle (FFM) map, with one flag to capture in the middle of the port of Anzio
- if_agheila (SW) => Fight for Middle (FFM) map, with one flag to capture in the middle area of the map, closed to a ruined bunker
- if_snowstorm_sw (SW) => Head-on Conquest map, with three flags to capture for both sides, and two main bases
- if_sands_rtr (RTR) => Head-on Conquest map, with three flags to capture for both sides, and two main bases
- if_santo_croce (RTR) => Fight for Middle (FFM) map, with one flag to capture on Monte Santo Croce
- if_essen (SW) => Head-on Conquest map, with four flags in different corners of the map, and no main bases

(Pictures coming soon)

To see the map specific rules for each map, please see the [RULES] section above.


BF1942 Mini League enforces mandatory third-person recording of every contestant involved in a live League match, for every match in the Fall 2018 Season.

Why is recording mandatory?

- Recording is mandatory to enforce the Penalty Points system, and most importantly make sure that no player is cheating
- For entertainment purposes, in order for people that don't currently play the game to develop an interest towards BF1942 (competitive or not)

Who is supposed to record the matches?

- League Admins. Team Captains and Team Members can also do it, but it is not mandatory

What should be used to record and render League videos?

Fraps, Dxtory and integrated recording programs such as Shadowplay from Nvidia are encouraged.

To render the captured videos, any software can be used, from Movie Maker to Sony Vegas Movie Maker. However, the output video that comes out of the rendering process should be a high definition Internet video with the following specifications:

Rendering program (recommended, not mandatory): Sony Vegas Movie Studio 15 or a similar version is optimal
Output video specifications (this is just an example, the important part is in bold and the rest can be changed): HD 1080 (1920 x 1080), 29.970 FPS (NTSC); Audio 192 Kbps; 48.000 Hz; 16 Bit; Stereo: AAC; 12 MBPS; 1920x1080 Progressive; Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1,000

It is also possible to live stream the matches?

If you have the necessary software and hardware to do so and are able to live stream relatively high quality lossless videos, then yes, you may upload the videos of the streams to the designated Google Drive folder.

A few notes about video recording by League Admins:

- I will not accept four different videos for every round that was recorded in a match (one video per round), or two videos (one for each map). I will only accept ONE rendered video per MATCH, no more.
- The rendered videos must match the settings I have posted above and absolutely have to be HD 1080 (1920 x 1080)
- Individuals that want to have their own POV videos uploaded to the YouTube Channel can send me their videos. Again, these videos have to match the settings I have posted above and I will not accept more than one rendered video for the same match. It is your job to edit your videos in a post-recording program like Sony Vegas and send me the render after

Once rendered the League match videos will be uploaded to the official Youtube Channel for the BF1942 Mini League, which will be administrated by me. I will do my best to boost the views on the videos, as the role of the channel is also to reach out potential new players and contestants and to get them interested in BF1942 (competitive or not).

League Admins are responsible for the recording of every match they arbitrate. They do not necessarily need to render the raw videos they have recorded, but it is recommended if they have the appropriate software on their computer. League Admins also need to make sure they have sufficient storage on their computers to store all the videos. If a League Admin recorded a League match and wishes to send it to me or to another League Admin that possesses the necessary software to render the videos, they can upload the raw videos to a special Google Drive folder I will make specifically for that purpose.

The YouTube channel for the Fall 2018 Season is currently under construction and is not yet live.

Recording guidelines

These guidelines should be observed when a Recording Player records a live league match:

- In both maps, the Recording Player will record the side of their choice on the first round, then switch to the other team for the second round
- All recordings must be made when the Chase Camera is activated. Free Camera recordings will not be accepted
- Recording Players must not record a live league match while their HUD is turned off, unless otherwise noted
- Recordings should start a few second before a live league match starts, before the involved players spawn, and end after the two maps are finished


The servers available to the contestants for the Fall 2018 Season are the same servers that were available for the Summer 2018 Season, with a few differences:

- The BF1942 Mini League [FRA] server has been moved to Germany, and is now called BF1942 Mini League [GER]. The new IP for this server is The server password can be obtained by PM (SiMPLE forum or Discord)
- A new BF1942 Mini League [USA] will soon be hosted and will replace the server that was previously hosted on the West Coast of the USA during the Summer 2018 Season

The server settings of these new servers are exactly the same as the previous Summer 2018 season servers.

Live league servers

Location: Germany
League settings: Yes
RTR + SW IF Maps: Yes
Passworded: Yes
Admins: Admin accounts are being created



The League Table will be updated on a weekly basis.


In the League Table Excel spread sheet, you can see the following columns:

- Team Name + Tag
- Matches Played
- Victories => 3 points
- Defeats => No point
- Draws => 1 point
- Rounds Won
- Rounds Lost
- Rounds Tied
- Rounds Played
- Tickets For
- Tickets Against
- Ticket Differential (Tickets For - Tickets Against)
- Points (Victories + Defeats + Draws - Penalty Points)
- Penalty Points

If you have any questions about the points system, please ask me by PM or ask on this topic.



The match-ups in this league schedule were created randomly using LeagueLobster.com.



Team registration

To participate in the Fall 2018 Season of the Mini League, you must fill in this form and post it on this topic. Please clearly indicate the members of your team, their countries and timezones, their roles (League Admin = LA, Team Captains = TC, Team Members + TM), and whether they have participated in the Summer 2018 Season.

1) Team name + tag
2) Team Captain + Team Member #1 + Team Member #2 (Backup player) + Timezones, availabilities and countries of each player plus yourself
3) Did you participate in the Summer 2018 Season (Yes/No)
4) Do you want to be a League Admin, if yes, are you able to record/stream good quality videos and render them
5) Server ranking (USA East Coast, USA West Coast, France, please rank them from #1 to #3, #1 being you best server depending on your location and that of your members)
6) Do you agree with all the rules that have been posted above? Do you have any questions about this new league season?

Please copy and paste this form in your reply to this topic if you are interested in participating in this new season and fill it up with the relevant details.

Registered teams of the Fall 2018 season

Team tags | Members (Type of member (Captains have clickable links to their SiMPLE profiles if they have one); TM = Team Member; TC = Team Captain; BP = Backup Player)) | Members Discord ID

3v. | Black Mamba (TC), Jim2102 (TM), Patrick (BP), ABAS (BP) | Mamba#8611; Jim2102#4558; Unavailable; ABAS#6041
[SP] | Vojislav (TC), GANAPOLSKOE (TM), alena (BP) | Vojislav#3198; Unavailable; Unavailable
[EZ8] | harryold (TC), jazmarine (TM) | harryold#0426; jasmarine#5493
-=TL=- | -=TL=-FearofthedarkHU (TC), thewar (TM), Danny[FTC1899] (BP) | -=TL=-FearofthedarkHU#3870; slimoune#9843; Gugi[FTC1899]#9752
[TiTS] | RaketenHorst (TC), NZKMT (TM) | Unavailable; Unavailable
-Team_Inf- | Moss (TC), Pedro (TM), Arkos (BP) | Moss#0832; §¤¢ | Pedro#9949; Unavailable





League Admin list (SiMPLE profile)

Black Mamba

Recording Players (SiMPLE profile)

Black Mamba



Have fun, and good luck to all!

Who is going to win the Fall season of BF1942 Mini League?

  1. 3v.
  2. [TiTS]
  3. -=TL=-
  4. [SP]
  5. Iszonyat.
  6. [EZ8]
Total votes: 11

Results of poll are hidden from guests

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Re: BF1942 Mini League [FALL SEASON 2018 SIGNUP]

If your flag of nationality is not present in the list, could you set a random one for the time being? (the EU flag is fine as a generic solution).

Later on, these can be fixed.

I have to check if I can add a flag at all to the profile, will do this later. Post the missing flags here to me.

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Re: BF1942 Mini League [FALL SEASON 2018 SIGNUP]

Hi all,

It was a fun first week, but unfortunately one of the matches did not happen and resulted in a default win for one of the sides. Here is a brief summary of what happened below:

Match #1: -=TL=- vs [SP]
Winner: -=TL=-
Score: 519 - 129 (4:0) to -=TL=-
Maps played: if_sands_rtr (-=TL=-'s pick) and if_snowstorm_sw ([SP]'s pick)
Screenshots: https://www.bf-league.eu/index.php?opti … Itemid=172
Match video(s):

Map #1 (Third person chase camera, filmed by Jim2102):

Map #2 (Third person chase camera, filmed by Jim2102)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fs_5T8W … e=youtu.be

Match #2: 3v. vs -Team_Inf-
Winner: 3v.
Score: 634 - 13 (4:0) to 3v.
Maps played: if_anzio (3v.'s pick) and if_santo_croce (-Team_Inf-'s pick)
Screenshots: https://www.bf-league.eu/index.php?opti … Itemid=172
Match video(s):

Map #1 (Black Mamba POV):

Map #2 (Black Mamba POV):

Match #3: [TiTS] vs [EZ8]
Winner: [TiTS], match was won by default because [EZ8] failed to show up in the two weeks period of Week #1
Score: 800:0 (4:0) to [TiTS]
Maps played: No maps were played
Screenshots: No screenshots available
Match video(s): No video available

So after Week #1, here is the current League table:

I also decided to drop the video formatting rules for video recording and rendering. Anyone can record videos how they like and the quality can be anything that is 720p or higher. Thanks.

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