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Bad Actor wrote:

Can't believe he's running a pc that would have these issues with a game that's almost 20 years old unless he's still running a 486 or Pentium with 4 meg of ram.

True, but that presumes all the CPU cycles are at his disposal.  His "more than fast enough to run this game system" may be handing all that CPU time over to gameux.dll or something else, leaving the game with insufficient cycles to keep up.

It also needs to remain clear that all we know so far is the in-game ping measurement (like shown in the screen shot, though that was the COD success example) is the evidence of "the ping has increased."  Which is the scenario where "that could be just a secondary symptom of not having enough CPU cycles to run more effectively."  We don't know that the actual Internet connection latency has changed at all; only that the speed with which round-trips of game communication are being made has changed.

#2 Re: Technical Help » ping problem » 2020-02-27 08:17:38

Interesting.  Never heard of doing that, and have never taken mine off of "LAN" regardless of which server I'm on or how many people.

What the symptoms suggested to me -- rightly or wrongly -- is that the CPU or GPU isn't keeping up.  As soon as there is "real work to do" with actual players in the proximity and lots of things needing to move on the screen, it's the computer itself that is slowing down.  That the ping rises is just a secondary effect of this.  Because of the computer being too busy to respond in a timely manner to network sends and receives, same as it's struggling to keep up with what needs to update on the screen.

That would be my suspicion anyway.  In addition to the "applications running in background" which could be stealing what should have been your CPU cycles, are we possibly just short of physical memory and causing disk swapping when things get busy in the game?

Folks with the Windows gameux.dll issue could also see symptoms like this.  So you might want to use Task Manager's "Details" list to sort by CPU consumption and see if there is a RUNDLL32 instance sucking your CPU, even though "you aren't running any other applications."

#3 Re: Technical Help » When I spawn, I have to push "continue" to play » 2020-02-25 23:29:44

One thing that would make me suspect is that you're pressing ENTER at a time when it doesn't actually need to be pressed.  And the queued ENTER key is what then causes the spawn interface to pop up, which you then must close in order to resume playing.

I don't have the issue or behavior you're describing, but I annoy myself by hitting ENTER at a time when a recent death was going to make the spawn interface come up anyway.  So here I am trying to select my spawn point, which ENTER should have let me do, but instead ENTER closes the spawn interface that the game was already about to display anyway.

But I died, so the game is going to put the spawn interface right back up anyway, because there is no other choice.  But idiot me HITS THE ENTER KEY AGAIN trying to make it happen faster.  And so the same "immediately opens and then closes again" cycle repeats, over and over, until I finally remove my weapon from its holster and shoot myself in the head to stop my fingers from hitting ENTER again....

#4 Re: Technical Help » Desktop resolution changed to 800 x 600 when exiting the game » 2020-02-25 23:22:15

It doesn't happen to me often enough to have already tried this, but Windows actually introduced a "reset and restart my display driver" hotkey.

Windows Key + CTRL + SHIFT + B   
https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/hel … nk-screens

I wonder if that might not be "a quick path back to normal resolution" in cases where this happens.

#5 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2019-11-30 17:08:18

Sunshine wrote:

That's one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read in my life lol

If we can't trust @ra_of_earth for accurate butthole solar absorption rate information, who can we trust.

#8 Re: Off-Topic » Funny Videos and Pics... » 2019-11-07 14:34:13

Look at that first picture, with the guy laying his cables on the carpet like a chump!

Where are his US$8000/each Tahitian Volcanic Clay Cord Elevation Bowls?!??

Literally unlistenable, whatever must be coming out of his speakers...

#9 Re: BF1942 Discussion » List of BF1942 Clans, Communities, Modding Websites and more » 2019-11-04 09:21:01

It seems to let me post the link.  The characters that require Unicode encoding are URL-encoded, but I think that's intentional and expected.  i.e. "%E6%88%98%E5%9C%B0" is in the link instead of "战地", but that still means the correct URL.

https://tieba.baidu.com/f?kw=%E6%88%98% … 2&fr=index

Oh, maybe you have a post count or other "new user" designation on the forum which prevents "posting links" (of any kind).  As a way to prevent spam bots from getting past the registration checks and posting junk.  I'm not sure what Tuia might have setup here for that.

#10 Re: Technical Help » DC+EoD Mods » 2019-10-31 16:20:49

Same on both counts here, Bud.  Sometimes I can ALT-TAB to start up TeamSpeak and get back to the game without it crashing, but it's 50/50 odds.  The desktop remaining at 800x600 upon exit happens less frequently for me.

Unfortunately its a Windows partition I only use for playing games, so upon exit I'm rebooting anyway and haven't cared to investigate.  I do run with DPI set to 150% in that Windows 10 partition, for what it's worth.  It has Tuia's BF1942.EXE installed, for which the installer already sets Windows XP compatibility mode for you.

#11 Re: Technical Help » DC+EoD Mods » 2019-10-30 18:04:33

-=PhaSe3=- wrote:

Thanks guys, I have it running reasonably stable at the moment, the only issue is if I try to press ESC during a game to return to the main menu - it just switches back to desktop and I have to close 1942. I can live with that though, but does anyone else have this problem?

We're also assuming you did everything in the post Tuia linked to, which started with applying Tuia's modified BF1942.EXE.  Indeed, "if I press ESC there is a long hang" was a known symptom of the GameSpy shutdown and the original BF1942.EXE code, which we're assuming is eliminated as a possibility for you by having ensured this updated file is applied.

#12 Re: Technical Help » DC+EoD Mods » 2019-10-29 01:42:04

-=PhaSe3=- wrote:

I'm having trouble remembering the correct method to install DC. Do I need to install 0.7full>DC_Final?

For that one, yes, you want to install .7 first and then the .8 / DC_Final version also.  Downloads and installation screen confirmations in Step 5 & Step 6 of http://ea117.com/dcinstall if helpful.

#13 Re: Technical Help » High Ping - 400/500 » 2019-10-04 23:57:07

I was wrongly thinking of the scoreboard when you said "in-game browser".  Yes, having such a significant ping difference between the multiplayer server browser and the actual in-game ping is additionally unusual.

One thing I can't rule out from the screen shots is that the in-game ping was actually 450 rather than 45.  The ping being 450ms would be more consistent with the 350 shown prior to connecting, and would also be consistent with "it plays very poorly."  Unfortunately I think the only way to definitely know the actual ping is from server tools.

It definitely can be something in your ISP or further out into the network which is slowing this traffic down.  Ping and traceroute give us a sense of "how fast is the communication to a particular physical box over ICMP ports", but doesn't actually exercise "how fast will communication be over port 23000 or 14568 to those same physical hosts."

Does AX allow VPNs?  Just thinking that could be a an alternative to test and see whether bypassing having port 23000 and 14568 traffic directly to and from your computer (and instead having the firewalls and ISP networks only see VPN traffic instead of port 23000 and 14568 traffic) changes anything about what you're seeing.

#14 Re: Technical Help » High Ping - 400/500 » 2019-10-04 21:07:56

Lecter wrote:

Abas, the issue is that the ingame browser it says 450 ping on those servers before I try to connect and in game its 45 (feeling alot of lag, like moving in a swamp) but on tracert all seems well besides that 3rd hop...

That does seem to be the unusual part... your ISP service and network connection "look fine" and otherwise suggests you would indeed have only a 45ms ping.

If the ping is truly going up to 450ms once you're connected and trying to play, my first suspicion is that it's actually your computer which has suddenly become slow upon entering the game; and the network latency measurement is just one of multiple symptoms of this.  If the game itself is not causing some kind of 100% CPU usage on your system, maybe something else like the problems related to GameUX.dll.

Leaving a Command Prompt open ready to traceroute before you start the game, and then ALT-TAB out of game to check traceroute when the game is showing 450ms (without intentionally closing game) could help confirm this.  If the problem is "your computer", all the traceroute hops will now show 350ms+ latency, because the latency measure will already be slow "even on the very first hop outside your own computer."

Lecter wrote:

3  177ms  8ms   7ms

I wouldn't read too much into that.  It's saying out of three samples taken from this route (i.e. three separate ICMP Time To Live Expiration messages), the first one took 177ms but the subsequent ones were blazingly fast as expected for only being three hops away from your home.

Because the subsequent hops after this one are "fast" (12ms, 24ms, 25ms, 26ms), this is proof "the hop 3 router isn't actually slow."  Because the traffic to test all of those subsequent hops has to pass through the hop 3 router.  If the hop 3 router was truly sick and adding 170ms+ ping, every subsequent hop would have been shown with a ping over 170ms.  But they don't.

#16 Re: Off-Topic » Name this machine and win a price » 2019-08-10 19:19:56

iCQ wrote:
Sunshine wrote:

It's a water tanker that's pulled behind a truck or a tractor.

Sunshine is VERY close... but missing the weapon part.

Fine.  A weaponized water tanker that's pulled behind a truck or a tractor.  wink

I want to say it's fuel trailer pulled behind a tank to give it extra range, with the hand pump and extra spigots for filling other vehicles and fuel cans.  But none of those connections or spigots appear pointed towards the towing vehicle.

edit: Guess I should say none of the ones we can see in these pictures appear to be for the towing vehicle.  Might just be on the opposite side.

#17 Re: BF1942 Discussion » BF1942 Playable on Website » 2019-08-08 18:13:25

{Phantom} wrote:

Does anyone know how i can get 1942 to run on the server version of windows ( game opens than shuts )

I've never tried to run the game, just the dedicated server.  But I do have Server 2019 setup to run the dedicated server; I've simply never bothered to attempt launching the full game instead.

Even for running the dedicated server, I enable DirectPlay from the legacy features menu, same as you would on a Windows 10 desktop machine.  (Since that's the platform that Server 2016 and 2019 are based on; Windows 10.)  There may still be some assumption that DirectPlay is present, even though dedicated server probably ultimately doesn't utilize it.

I went ahead and tried launching the full game just now; I was able to launch and join the Team-SiMPLE server just fine.  No exit, no hang.

The XP SP3 compatibility mode is set, but simply as one of multiple things that Tuia's battlefield_1942_gamespy_patch_v1.61.exe installer already does for you; whether you manually tried to make those same configuration changes or not.

You probably already did, but it comes to mind that if you hadn't installed Tuia's update yet, you're also still operating with the old DRM protection that Windows intentionally disables.  So you need the no-CD aspect of Tuia's update as well, to eliminate the DRM dependency.

For what it's worth, I'm installing with real Battlefield 1942 CDs.  (And then the 1.6.19 patch, and then 1.61b patch.)   I suppose another possibility, if you're using some unofficial download source, is that the unofficial installer may or may not have planned on successfully handling the Windows Server platform.

But the first two things I would check are: DirectPlay enabled (Windows programs & features control panel; although for Windows Server, that's actually buried in Server Manager add roles & features wizard), and having Tuia's updated BF1942.EXE installed.

#18 Re: Technical Help » Server search causes freezes, aX hosts patch not working » 2019-07-25 21:42:36

bud wrote:

Always worth a try, but i wouldnt hold my breath hmm

Gah... of course you're right, sir.  I didn't think that script was running on the same server as his game servers, but I see I am wrong.  I was like "IP-banned from the master server?  I mean sure, he can do that, by why would he?"

So wow, if nothing else, there's a reason not to get IP-banned from playing on -=Ax=-....

#19 Re: Technical Help » Server search causes freezes, aX hosts patch not working » 2019-07-25 16:29:24

Thundr_pry_brd wrote:
bud wrote:

Sry but it seems that your IP is banned.

Oh well, at least I still have gametracker.

If you try and click on in your web browser, do you get to a page that says "It works! This is the default web page for this server."

As opposed to getting a message from your web browser as though the site could not be reached or connection was reset.

Just trying to confirm whether it's truly an IP blocked situation (which I agree with bud it could be), versus some DNS or local HOSTS file issue that is unable to resolve or is taking you to the wrong Ax IP address.

#21 Re: Technical Help » up/down speed per user » 2019-06-04 04:31:05

Same as bud observed, here is our server's throughput when 20 players are on:


Sending about 2.5x as compared to receiving, and not even close to taxing the throughput cap.

#22 Re: Technical Help » Battlefield 1942 + Expansions » 2019-05-02 05:59:45

Sunndae wrote:

...they wont work unless you have put a REAL bf1942 cd-key for the original bf1942 as the expansions seem to check if the original game also has a valid cdkey.

Hmm, I wonder what they're checking?  There are easily things I wasn't aware of, but the only key verification I was aware of was the now-shutdown Gamespy service.  Wonder if they have check digits like a credit card number or similar, where you can tell whether "the number agrees with itself."

#23 Re: Technical Help » auto kick on AX » 2019-02-23 21:27:47

tuia wrote:

Your internet connection has a very poor routing to SiMPLE server, packets go from Denmark to New York, USA and then to Paris, France.

Jesus.  Sounds like the NSA filed a tracking request with his name on it....  wink

#24 Re: Off-Topic » How old are you? » 2019-02-21 07:35:23

Sunshine wrote:

4.6 billion years old.

You're looking very young for your millennium.  I wouldn't have guessed a day over 3.87.

#25 Re: News and Announcements » Pwned Passwords » 2019-02-10 16:57:00

iCQ wrote:

I personally not see any reason why to encrypt everything. Other than apps like Chrome and such demand you to do it.

It certainly does open up some additional challenges, for seemingly low amounts of benefit in our particular context.  For example, once team-simple.org is being served as HTTPS, now those same user agents like Chrome will decline to show all of the non-HTTPS-linked images and videos that members have included in their messages over the years, because they're being referenced from a "secure" site.

The change would make your username be sent as encrypted from here on out, in addition to the password which was already being weakly encrypted before sending.  And it will make your Private Message content encrypted when posting and reading them.

But "everything else" on the site was already open to the public, and doesn't obviously benefit from "oh good, now prying eyes cannot capture this information unencrypted in transit."  They can simply browse the site as guest to see that same information, encrypted or not.

#26 Re: News and Announcements » Pwned Passwords » 2019-02-08 18:48:18

tuia wrote:

I think it is a very good service by Troy Hunt and I may add this to the forum registration and login pages, with a very simple method:

I thought Google might have picked up on this, too.  But it appears their implementation is separate.  (And in Google fashion, based on even bigger data.)  But they do appear to use a variation of the same "k-anonymity" approach to check your credentials against the list without actually sending even a complete hash.

Google released an extension to check the username and passwords you're entering on any site:

Their blog announcement states "If we detect that a username and password on a site you use is one of over 4 billion credentials that we know have been compromised."  To recall, as of January 2019, haveibeenpwned.com currently says it checks against 551 million.
https://blog.google/technology/safety-s … rotection/

Google's Security Blog appears to confirm they do use a similar "send only the prefix" approach which we've been discussing, as confirmed in their included infographic.
https://security.googleblog.com/2019/02 … -data.html

#27 Re: News and Announcements » Pwned Passwords » 2019-01-31 15:04:52

Arkos wrote:

Just add some special symbols to your PW and the hack would take ~5 years or so.

And to the point and topic of this thread, "Not if it exists in this list."

What would have been a brute force effort will be short-circuited by trying a bunch of real-word, known-compromised passwords.  i.e. You might have thought "maG18w@tm3m3" was the most secure password you've been able to remember.  But if someone else thought so too, and their info got compromised, it's in this list of password hackers may be "trying first" rather than taking the normal amount of time to reach that particular combination.

This is not a list of "weak passwords."  It's a list of compromised passwords, as strong or as weak as they may have been.

tuia wrote:

There are passwords: https://api.pwnedpasswords.com/range/4BC4A. But, the rest of the hash is not in that list.

Agreed, and every "bad possibility" is contingent upon "because my password actually is in this list."  If someone in a position to see the Cloudflare logs, or pwnedpasswords.com's own Apache logs, or (what we don't think is happening) pwnedpasswords.com itself was malicious, the issue would be "the user at telcomuser3092.vodaphone.es just looked up the hash 4BC4A.  If we know or can figure out who that is and start looking at his accounts, definitely start with the passwords which had generated the 528 SHA-1 hashes represented by https://api.pwnedpasswords.com/range/4BC4A."

In your case, no harm: Because your password isn't actually in that list that generated these 528 SHA-1 hashes.  Someone who's password is in that list just potentially gave away a hint as to which passwords should be attempted against their accounts first.  A set even smaller and more optimal than "the entire list of compromised passwords."

So maybe that's the end-game here: If you do decide to look up your password here -- either on the web site or using the 5-prefix API -- "commit to it."  Meaning if there is a match, don't ignore or rationalize anything trying to keep your favorite password.  Don't wait.  Immediately change every instance where you had used that password.  Meaning, mitigate the small risk of having shown "a hint" to someone, by making sure that hint will be 100% useless going forward.  The risk only exists by not following through.

Whatever small risk might exist in the technology in play here, the real point is "people are entering their current passwords because a web site asked them to."  This is, literally, the only case I'm aware of where such a prompt wasn't malicious.  The alarm bells in everyone's head should have been deafening; and in terms of social engineering, it would be better if the web site didn't exist.

Having to justify "in this case, there actually is a site into which you should enter all your current passwords" is a terrible, terrible precedent that will be exploited later.

#28 Re: News and Announcements » Pwned Passwords » 2019-01-29 06:11:12

seventy wrote:

Should I change my password now that I have entered it on that website?

Nah, "chances are" everything is fine, same as the normal gambles we take with our identity and financial data every day.

It was just a bit ironic to have a premise of "Hey, we know a bunch of passwords that folks have been tricked into entering into phishing sites or otherwise compromised....  So check whether your important passwords are on this list, by entering your current passwords into this unknown web site."

Even the guy who designed the site said in his v1 implementation,

https://www.troyhunt.com/ive-just-launched-pwned-passwords-version-2/#queryingthedataonline wrote:

...being conscious of not wanting to send the wrong message to people, immediately before the search box I put a very clear, very bold message:

"Do not send any password you actively use to a third-party service - even this one!"

But people don't always read these things. The service got a heap of press and millions of people descended on the site to check their passwords.

All the steps for checking your password locally are for anyone who doesn't want to take the risk, and was not because "we know there is an issue with haveibeenpwned.com."  Everyone should just have a very health skepticism about being asked "please enter your passwords into this site you never heard of before two minutes ago."

#29 Re: News and Announcements » Pwned Passwords » 2019-01-29 02:29:48

Sunshine wrote:

Is that 1password something to look into?

In my opinion, that's simply a sponsor who is helping him pay for the site, and not some assertion that "clearly this is the best way to solve password security."  Presumably they would just like the opportunity to keep their hand in your wallet under the pretense of helping you pick better passwords & having a "secure" place to save passwords that are so strong you can't possibly remember them all.

1Password does claim to be providing other services, such as alerting you when Amazon has had a data breach and guiding you to change your saved Amazon password.  Kind of a "credit monitoring, but for passwords" service.

The end-game of searching this haveibeenpwned.com list is to determine "has someone who is using the same password that I am using had their information captured and compromised before."  It's not really any kind of assertion of whether the password itself was "poor" or "strong", because it could have been compromised by a poor system used for storing or verifying the password.  Which has nothing to do with how strong the password itself was, and means an exceedingly strong password can still be present in this list; not just "bad passwords".

You want to pick exceedingly strong passwords.  After picking an exceedingly strong password, the reason you would search this haveibeenpwned.com list is to make sure you didn't pick an exceedingly strong password which just happens to be a password that is known to have been compromised as part of someone else's data.  ...or maybe even as part of your own data!  smile

#30 Re: News and Announcements » Pwned Passwords » 2019-01-28 21:00:53

YoMama wrote:

That's one long ass message and I'm too lazy to read it

Yeah, we know.  This is how we have been hiding information from you all along. wink

Trench wrote:

So you could download the entire 11GB list from them...

Edit: I was wrong; the list is 22.6GB.  11GB is the 7-Zip archive size.  Notepad++ won't touch anything that size, but Microsoft Windows' built-in findstr.exe utility was able to do it, as was HxD for what it's worth.

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