#1 Re: Report Abuse » bf soldier 16 or krauser ping 40 » Yesterday 22:54:20

today they both have just done it again ignoring my reports

#5 Report Abuse » bf soldier 16 or krauser ping 40 » 2020-03-25 00:16:22

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i have been provoked by an asshole today at 00:00 moreless spanish hour

i did reported to the two admins that were there, hydra and arwen.
non of them did nothing but adviced this motherf*cker who insulted me and menace all the fucking map session, the admins seems to have a great experience watching all the f*cking scene

h hd wallpaper download


you two f*cking admins did have fun didnt you?

#9 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-22 13:51:47

i´ve received some audio announcing that next monday or tuestday the army willl take the streets we will pass from state of alarm to state of exception, i won´t be able to walk the dog or to go shopping, i won´t be able to walk on the street, this will last 40 to 60 days, of course i shall for get about my duties, i am so pissed off right now.... good luck to you all.

#10 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-21 18:43:51

Sunshine wrote:

Being that I'm so close to the university and that it's an "extended" spring break, I know that a TON of the students drove to the various FL beaches over the last couple of weeks. They were showing helicopter/drone video and of course they're crowded like every other spring break. Only recently they started closing and enforcing some rules, but damn... I have a feeling they're going to bring it back here and everywhere else because those beaches are a major spring break hotspot for college students from all over US and other places.

The worst thing is.. I'm not worried about them but afraid they will go visit their parents or grandparents. They know they'll most likely be fine, but completely forget about their 80yo grandma who has health issues or whatever. The interviews they had with some of them... fucking IDIOTS!

Technically I'm in a risk category because I was a premature baby and still to this day have issues from that and get bronchitis a lot and had pneumonia quite a few times. My workplace is clean as hell, but when I need groceries, gas, etc... Lots of Clorox wipes smile I'm not overly worried. There are 15 cases in this county and I know it'll rise but I know nearly 99% will be fine at the end.

you live in a state where people live in retirement that means that state will suffer, be prepared of what´s coming.

#11 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-20 19:05:54

joint wrote:

there is info like actual first cases in Ukrane happened in middle of january, time when wokers coming back on hollydays from Europe, media reported of "weird series of pneumonia that burn out lungs with 5 days" damn

also doctors say that the virus has signs of being made artificially, something about losing parts of its DNA with time, when natural viruses usually have more stable structure

that virus was created in a lab, they wanted us to believe that it has something to do with the chinnese eating bats.

chinnese have always eaten all type of insects and animals since ever and never happened anything, they even invited foreigners who visit their country to eat them as well and NEVER happened anything.

this virus came out of nowhere from night to date killing specially old people.

#14 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-20 01:53:29

almost 20.000 coronavirus cases in Spain, almost 1000 deaths, i am not sure if i will be back to my duty at 30th of this month due to i heard that our isolation can last 2 months.

#15 Re: Report Abuse » some abusers in main server » 2020-03-19 19:42:44

what about the player nicknamed "ok"? as you can see in one of the screenshots he is throwing C 4 into the plane´s way in order to blow it up causing also a tk.

please check the chatlog of that session.

#16 Report Abuse » some abusers in main server » 2020-03-19 18:26:18

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players: ok , (PAZ) Avortin and 202, please check the chatlog

map: guadalcanal

server. main

hour:around  18:00 pm spanish hour

the where at mainbase crashing destroying planes and teamkilling, also a player nicknamed 202 attacked mainbase when he was up in the hill



#17 Re: Gutter » Ha » 2020-03-18 19:57:44

bueno hoy toca discurso extraordinario del rey, ¿abdicará?  : )

#18 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-18 19:13:32

Dionysus wrote:
KIN wrote:

The United States is imposing a deliberate humanitarian catastrophe on Iran by imposing sanctions and preventing the supply of medical and pharmaceutical equipment to Iran.

There is a lack of medical equipment everywhere.. i can not even find ordinary masks here.
Only glows are available, but their quality is shit.
So what can u expect all the way in the middle east? smile
European union does not wan't to help anyone.. not even our president who devoted his whole life to them, now he has to turn to Russia and China whom he BEGGED for help few days ago. 
Just as in private life of each individual, when it comes to real crisis then u see who ur real friends are.

Are you saying that your country does not have resources enough to handle or face this situation? the countries of European union have closed borders just like other countries of other continents.

Listen if your country doesn´t have resources go yell at your president or your government, and focus on replacing that president who in hard situation is totally useless.

#19 Re: Technical Help » cfg » 2020-03-18 15:50:22

i think that the best operating system for games in Linux its Ubuntu.

#20 Re: Videos and Screenshots » High Scores » 2020-03-18 15:46:42

deadly jorgen went to AX to teach them a lesson smile


#21 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-17 23:32:05

it is what i have heard from the news.

#22 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-17 23:10:24

Chinese minister of defense said that they already have a vaccine against covid-19 and that they are ready to mass produce it.

#23 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to the Netherlands » 2020-03-17 15:17:42

i´ve had problems with the ping also, i hope they repair it soon.

#24 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-17 15:15:48

not long ago you were affraid to open a package that you ordered from china.

#25 Re: News and Announcements » Moving to the Netherlands » 2020-03-17 14:40:18

public players can be deadly as some clanners are.

#26 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-17 14:31:07

i woke up a few hours ago and i turned on my tv i guess i have great news:

We are near to develop a vaccine against coronavirus, this vaccine have being tested in other coronavirus with almost the same structure as covid-19 giving the result of pulverized, we are waiting for authorities to give permission to test with people infected with covid-19.

#27 Re: Off-Topic » Cinema and good movies » 2020-03-17 01:47:08

bud wrote:

Im curios about this movie, anyone that has seen it?

¿who translated that?

El hoyo translated to english should be The hole.

The platform translated to spanish is La plataforma.

that blond guy is a very good actor saw him years ago in a series called "the ship" "el barco" a ship named "the star pole" navigates through whats left from the world, looking to find land meanwhile their crew are not just innocent people.


#28 Re: Off-Topic » * * * Coronavirus * * * » 2020-03-17 01:26:29

if im not wrong Snake eyes is a Brazilian who lives in lisbon due to people are less agressive in europe.

situation in spain:

the goverment predicted that we will have around 10.000 coronavirus cases or more, if so they will take more measures against the virus.

pharmacy, hospitals, food shops, are open for anyone who needs basic things knowing that we need to keep 1 meter and a half of distance between people.

the ones that have dog like i do we can walk with  them outside. (some friends take their dogs to walk more than 10 times a day)

like in Italy we have our balcony DJ´s.

pensioner will be able to take their money in the bank.

the goverment will help autonomous  depending of where they are (Galicia, Murcia, La Rioja....) 

                    take care and happy coronavirus holidays smile

Ps: recommend me good movies or films about Mafia or gangs they usually have an awesome argument in this type of things.

#29 Re: Videos and Screenshots » Random BF screenshots you want to share » 2020-03-15 10:42:11

Arkos wrote:


Zwarrior, ... what you have done with this Ship!       smile


i died like a hero taking that screenshot lol.

#30 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Igor' » 2020-03-15 10:40:20

also don´t forget about "russian are allowed to chat spam"

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