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Already did that as you mentionned in the linked topic in your first reply. I can launche the game but not play it.

I have 2 situations right now when I launch a game:

1) the screen freeze on the skirmish/campaign/multi menu and the loading music plays
2) I can enter the party after a proper loading screen, deploy and play but i can't go back to the menu (game finished or intentionally) without freezing my laptop...

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Thx to the reply but in fact i already downloaded this file and installed it, i can run the game but once i launch a party the screen freeze and the music continue normally and it stay like this during hours without a loading screen...

And directplay is already activated

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Hi there,

I wanted to replay BF1942 after some years without touching it but i don't know which file is the good one to install first ?

I know i need the game before downloading RtR and SW or New Maps but which file need to be installed first ?

I'm running on Windows 10 64 bits

A future player

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