#1 Report Abuse » "Stacking" abuse » 2017-11-22 18:03:20

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So I was playing in the Road to Rome/Secret Weapons server and this admin by the name of RaketenHorst kicked me for no reason. The game did not even start yet and I started on France but switched to Germany before the game started. Then, RaketenHorst then kicked me for no reason. When I returned on the server, I yelled at him for admin abuse and he said I was kicked for "team stacking". I told him that team switch was BEFORE, I REPEAT BEFORE THE GAME STARTED. THEN THIS DOUCHEBAG KICKED FOR "STACKING" AGAIN, EVEN THOUGH I DID LANDED ON GERMANY THIS TIME WITHOUT SWITCHING. HE JUST KICKED ME FOR A SECOND TIME JUST FOR GIVING HIM A PIECE OF MY MIND. HE BETTER APOLOGIZE FOR ADMIN ABUSE.

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