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I don't think i'll ever meet a person more desperate than fagnatic.

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I knew you would make a topic about this, some day.

I was playing a few times when they were knifing, and when some of them got a really high score,  you went out of action for like 10 mins straight to procces what's happening, then you simply rage quitted.

The only reason you're making a complain about this, is because you ofcourse can't score gold.

The normal, healthy person would never care about this,  but ofcourse you do.

Why does a VIRTUAL medal mean so much to you?


#3 Re: Report Abuse » My report thread » 2020-06-20 17:14:36

Fagnatic basically can't survive a day without telling atleast 1 lie.

So much for the ''king of gold'' that's nowhere to be found when  skilled players are online.

He regards switching to a STRONGER team as a weaker team.  His mental capacity is  very limited.

Biggest disgrace in BF history.

The only things hes pro at is  stacking, suiciding to avoid kill, lying 1000% of the time, spawn-camping  which he  keeps calling it ''skill'', and ofcourse dating imaginary women.

#4 Re: Report Abuse » My report thread » 2020-06-20 11:54:44

There's no hope. He's protected by the server-owner.  I've already reported the fag a million times  and no actions has been taken against him.

And yes,  even after that report, he'll  keep doing it again.

#5 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-06-11 22:04:17

And here's my opinion about those 3 options.

Actually, I  (PERSONALLY) don't really mind his lame style as much, since i'm a pilot,  i'm rarely if ever affected by him.  And mostly is fun/entertaining for me to kill him/sabotage his gold, many times on a single-map, cuz I know he really hates it when i do that.

However, those  deliberate death-bails,  deliberate suicides to avoid kill, deliberate disconnects to avoid kill, those things should REALLY be prohibited. Imo, that's a type of disruptive  gameplay. So I vote for option number 2.

In minecraft for example, we call deliberate disconnecters: ''Combat Loggers''.  These guys usually disconnect deliberately once you attack them, to avoid being killed. But luckily, many servers have  implemented a plugin that auto-kills the player that disconnects upon attack.

Thats the only thing I (personally) would like to be changed.

And now that he posted a video  it reminded me of another thing.

000 simply loves to completely waste the limited fighters, for absolutely nothing.  He usually alts very high and doesn't do anything. And once you start shooting at him, he bails out, usually in the main-base. He then takes another plane, and repeats the same process over and over again until the map is over.  This is bascially worse than simply zooking own equipment... atleast with zooking ,the plane will quickly respawn. But when he hoggs the plane, and does absolutely nothing for 30 mins straight, other, more competent players get no chance to fly the plane. He's a team-sabotager.  Some extra actions should be taked against this, too.

#6 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-06-11 21:30:29

Re-connecting generally isn't against the rules, but his prime intention with re-connecting, is to stack to the stronger team, which makes it against the rules in this case. (stacking is prohibited, right?) And i'm not really talking when he initialy joins the server, because he doesn't usualy know when i'm online, so he'll stack minutes after.

He does this alot when i'm on the opposite team because I usually have the abillity to sabotage his gold. He severely dis-balances the teams  when he stacks to my team.

And if it's not against the rules, then why did nameless warn a player to switch-back using the same method?

Maybe the average user can get away with this, but a player like 000 has a huge impact on the map.

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Funny how you keep mentioning being quiet, but you always forget the number one reason why you get called out: it has to do with your scummy play-style.  As long as you have it, you'll always get called out.  Why don't others get called out but only you? Think about it for once.

Lets put it this way:  If you're going to be an asshole, (with your style + primitive, aggressive behaviour) NEVER expect people to respect you. Never. That's never going to happen.

And I will repeat this again:

You're always the root cause of these problems.   And only you can fix this.  If you want, ofcourse.

I won't say anything to you in-game, but man, if you   disconnect/suicide again just before i'm about to kill you, then i'll keep roasting you every time I encounter you. So you better cut that crap out of your habit, if you don't want to cry on the forum again how someone hurt your feelings.

Remember, the only reason why I massively started disliking you, is because of those deliberate death-bails on BoB.  Instead of stopping, you only kept doing it more and more as days progressed. You probably don't death-bail anymore, but you still disconnect/suicide when im about to kill you. Which is equally as disruptive.

#8 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-06-10 09:59:38

I mean, if you're constantly:


Suiciding to avoid kill

Disconnecting to evade kill

Stacking to get gold easier, and when people like me hunt you

Spawn-killing 10000000% of the time, flag camping, carrrier camping, hanger camping

Insulting/mocking other players even though they did nothing to you, except stealing your precious gold medal

Hogging the LIMITED fighters all the time and doing absoutely nothing with them, except alt-whoring, and immediately bailing out the second someone's shooting at you,  and you just keep repeating this process over and over until the map is over

Having the need to waste ~3 hours of making  compilations of how you back-stab other players and calling them noobs/suckers/scummies

Reporting insulting while you're doing the exact same, and much worse

Having the need to change your name to an insult to someone who has a few points less than you in-game

putting people down  from other countries  just because you feel ''superior''

Reporting a bunch of game bugs like that case with the jumping hencca was doing, meanwhile you're constantly doing the exact same thing when players shoot at you.  Reporting more skilled players for ''insulting'', ''chat-flooding'', just because they steal your goldie

Ofcourse you'll have ''haters''.

The root problem is you and only you.

You're always the one who starts a ''war'', always.

Have you ever noticed that, you have problem with half the players on the server?  How's that normal?

Instead of asking other's to stop first, you should make the first step so people can see that you're indeed willing to change.  Otherwise, it'll never stop.

You know, there's a very good reason why YOU have a Shitposter title, and not me or someone else.

#9 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-05-24 12:09:24

KANER88 wrote:

Its pointless to spend that much time for this sad no lifer.
Shooting our dead body on the ground makes us laugh at you, but when fagnatic spends hours on simple server these weekend a.m.'s  just to haunt me (1 player) down whole map, thats mental. Visit a doctor, better find a mental hospital. I feel rlly sorry 4 you to have nothing to do in ur life.  At the end of every map finishes w/ score 3 kills 16 deaths (16 suicides). Whenever i get behind his ass in plane he just deathbails or bails in his base for safety all the time.. whenever im ready to kill him with medic on the ground, just runs away healing like a rat.. 
Since his plane skills and tanks skills are none, mostly his only chance to take me down when i fight anyone else or many pilots/players..and im not a good pilot for dogfighting anyway.. yet he's still proud to spend 45 mins/90mins on BF just to haunt only me and dont care about anything else. Get a life dude smile

Lol, when I stomp him 1-2 times on maps like bocage,  guadal, and market , he would disconnect and re-appear again after ~4 minutes, and spending the remaining map-time trying to ''kill'' me specifically.  He thinks he could perform a surprise-attack on a $parrow, but he's not even aware that I know his ''flight'' style, including his routes/paths/''tactics''.  He only ends up totaly wasting the very limited fighters in the process. (He should be forbidden to enter  fighters on bocage and market. He COMPLETELY wastes the planes.) I would also imagine that he thinks constantly trying to ''kill'' me would upset me, but i'm not there to collect a load of kills, or any kind of medal. smile

Okay, was enough talking about this lil' crawling target-practice, i'm out.

#10 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-05-23 10:44:48


You really shouldn't be talking  about others having ''no balls'' when you yourself can't admit those ILLEGAL teamswitches that you did, and ofcourse the deliberate suicide/disconnect just to evade a kill.  Man, it was so satisfying stomping the living sheet out of ya on those alamein and bocage rounds, i bet you broke 4 keyboards just on that day alone.  You also have such big balls, that you needed hours to just repeat your bland lies, despite being online when Combat wrote that post. Btw, i've also got you in ''1v1'' face to face many times when you had that 24 ping. You spray and pray even at long distances like a nab, you have no genuine technique, the only thing that saves ya is the extremely low ping that you have. If we were to play on a server where you have my ping, you wouldn't be able to HIT even a bot due to your  ''skill''. I've also gotten you plenty of times with mouse+kb and just kb, I can fly with pretty much anything and any plane, because what matters is the skill that you possess. A complete nab like you would NEVER be able to fly with a joystick, btw.


I'm not sure about others ''hating you'' or ''cursing at you'' but what I do know is that you're trying sooo hard to ''fit'' in this community, to be an admin, to be a clanner or whatever you're trying to do and you end up just being incredibly annoying. No-one really likes to constantly be reading complains such as ''no hit'' or something like that. So stop  complaining and just PRACTICE if you want ''to have hits''.  That '' no regs '' btw doesn't even exist, unless you're clearly having some serious problems with your isp or the server which i doubt most people have when they say ''no hits'' . Thats just poor aiming and poor technique. I also sometimes would say no regs, but I always know that my aim just sucks.

And lastly goldie, why the fuck do you come to Arko's server when we have 1v1's, just to radio spam?? if you're ''just bored'' (as you said yourself), just leave and don't annoy people. You can always come to spectate our dfs or to fight me or the others, just please don't radio spam/chat spam, and don't constantly complain about ''no hits''.

#11 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-05-22 13:58:39

I said to myself i'll stop using this stupid forum again, but i want to say this:

fagnatic the past 2 weeks has been deliberately team-stacking NON-STOP   to the opposite team to avoid people like me that  completely ruin his chances of getting a gold medal. Not only that, but he had also deliberately suicided and disconnected to avoid kill 14215 times already.  I'd say increasing the ban to 1 month  would be a good start to teach this  target-practice-easy-to-kill-nab a lesson.

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bobby tked me, then 1 min later he tked another player. Market was such a chaos when i connected..... so many idiots from opposite team attacking the axis main. Then later on Midway someone beached the carrier deliberately.

#18 Re: Server Ban Appeals » Banned for?By?When? » 2020-03-13 22:18:55

I saw a kick message for player '' Zoid '' about 20 mins ago on market.

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We have a case where one doctor that has returned from italy, immediately started with working in the clinic. (for 5 days before she was tested positive for corona)  She was in contact with  around 200 people.

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I  saw a very known admin doing that on stalin around a week ago. Nothing surprises me on simple anymore.

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Was messing a bit with google translate and got this:


#28 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-02-26 20:05:05

If you behaved like a Player, (and not like an idiot) you wouldn't be harassed, insulted, mocked, etc. (why doesn't anyone insult me? because im not an idiot like you) I didn't do anything to you a year ago, (i was even defending you) yet you've mocked and insulted me so many times without a legitemate reason. And i'm not the only one, that's for sure. Even reading your posts from yrs ago, (and ESPECIALLY THIS post) it's pretty evident that you're a special case... You need help.

#29 Re: Server Ban Appeals » My banned thread » 2020-02-26 19:23:52

I personally find it hilarious and sad at the same time that he does that to many players and then he's like ''i get insulted 24/7 while I didn't do anything''  He's one heck of a liar, and also a big saboteur. I just hope someday he gets forbidden to enter planes on maps like garden where the fighters are only limited to 2, the reason is pretty obvious i think.

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He did the same to me about a year ago. That was the time I never even talked anything against him. But after I pwned him 4-6 times on a single map, he started behaving very anti-social.

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